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Box Tour: CrossFit Vengeance by Bryan and Rachel Edwards - CrossFit Journal

Box Tour: CrossFit Vengeance

By Bryan and Rachel Edwards

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March 17, 2012

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Don’t let the skeleton mascot and the box’s handle fool you; this affiliate’s name comes from the Bible. So says Bryan Edwards, who co-owns CrossFit Vengeance Myrtle Beach South with his wife, Rachel.

“One of our slogans is ‘vengeance is mine,’ meaning that the Lord takes care of the big stuff. We handle the small stuff,” Edwards explains. “Our enemies are sedentary lifestyles, bad diet, just being a victim, if you will.”

Friends and family—their only clients when they started CrossFitting out of Globo Gyms and their garage—talked the couple into opening the box. In six months, CrossFit Vengeance has outgrown its space and is now looking for something bigger so it can add a CrossFit Kids program as well as host several CrossFit seminars, Rachel says.

“We have a community, and that’s what we build on,” Bryan says. “It’s not just a gym where we’re punching a card and we’re handing them a towel and they leave. We’re a tight-knit family.”

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Zach Even - Esh wrote …

awesome place, guys! congrats and keep kickin' ass!

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