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March 02, 2012

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CrossFit Inc. wins victory over cybersquatter illegally selling domain names.

Last year, CrossFit Inc. won a court judgment against T&M Enterprises Inc., a Washington state company, for registering over 350 domain names containing the word “CrossFit.” T&M, a company owned by a Mr. Tal Moore, also sells gumball machines and barbershop poles.

Moore and T&M had scooped up 370 domain names containing “CrossFit” and had been selling them illegally to CrossFit affiliates at $200 to $400 per domain. The federal court for the Eastern District of Washington approved the consent decree that the parties submitted. Among the highlights—a final judgment for $100,000 was entered against the company and its officers.

The judgment also included a permanent injunction against the company and its officers from ever again owning a domain name that includes the word “CrossFit.” The court’s order also protected CrossFit’s ability to inform the public about the result. For CrossFit Inc., our right to share this information with affiliate owners and the wider public was non-negotiable.

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15 Comments on “CrossFit Crackdown: Cybersquatting”


Reis Baron wrote …

There's finally a type of squatting I don't enjoy in Crossfit.


wrote …

These guys and all of HQ rock. Thanks for the support.


wrote …

Being a "victim" to a cyber squater it's nice to hear guys like TM are dealt with accordingly..


wrote …

Interesting. So this site is pro free market economy and anti government and judicial regulation until the free market economy interferes with its financial interest, then Crossfit runs to court to get a restraining order.

Can I assume we won't see anymore Wall Street Journal article reprints?


wrote …

I am continuously impressed with CrossFit and the CrossFit lifestyle. The openness and the sharing of information is incredible. The fact that CrossFit would not negotiate on sharing the results of this case is a testament to the character of the heads of CrossFit. Thank you for all your effort. Joe Fyffe.


replied to comment from Eric Goodman

Evidently your definition of "free market" is someone trying to make money from someone else's trademark. I think you're confused. A free market is trading value for value. Where does the value in a trademark come from? You probably think companies consisting solely of lawyers buying obscure patents and trolling big companies for payouts is "free market" also. I think this is called "privilege seeking", trying to make big money off of aberrations in the regulatory landscape and adds nothing to any market.


wrote …

Eric, Cybersquatting itself is illegal in the sense that HQ just went after these guys on (reference Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act).

However, my question is if HQ is going to make an issue out of Cybersquatting, do they plan to do the same to it's own affiliates that are registering domains that aren't affiliated with their box's name just redirect traffic to their website? I'll refrain from naming names on a public board, but this is an issue IMO as well, and a bigger one than a 3rd party trying to make a buck. It's manipulative business practices, something that Crossfit doesn't need to affiliate itself with.


wrote …

There is illegal use of CrossFit name, domain and methodology here in Serbia!
How to fight against it?

Help needed!


Drasko, CF L-1.


wrote …

Drasko, start with an email to


replied to comment from Steve Gillanders

Already did that, but thanks anyway!


replied to comment from Matthew Schwab

This issue came up in my area recently. One affiliate in town had registered multiple domain names and redirected them all to their own web page. HQ did interject and swiftly put an end to it. As the article said, "Use of the CrossFit name is allowed only by an affiliation agreement." The domain name an affiliate is ALLOWED to use, is the one they agreed upon in their contract.


replied to comment from Matthew Schwab

The last paragraph on page 3 and a third of page 4 addresses exactly what you're complaining about.

Did you actually read the article?


wrote …

As an affilate owner and paying a small affiliation fee; CrossFit Inc has started our own RRG for insurance, tried to get a health plan going and is still working on it, and now to read that they will help represent us over law issues, and stay committed to us in every way...What an incredible model, and how proud to be part of this amazing journey.


wrote …

I (My affiliate) was a victim of Tal Moore's cybersquatting a year ago. At the time they said they were trying to track him down. Glad to hear that it got taken care of. Nice job, HQ.


wrote …

Thanks! After reading this I searched for the domain name that fits my gym (which had been squatted on since 2008) and it was available! I just purchased today and will start putting together a site after using a VERY simple/basic blogger site (successfully) for 2.5 years. Now I wonder why someone bought way back in March 09?... The cybersquatter that had my original site name also used to own dozens of other names like malibucrossfit, including a few derivations of Malibu and CrossFit.

Again- thanks for the good work!

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