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Disposable Heroes: What Will You Do? by Various - CrossFit Journal

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March 16, 2012

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The name comes from a tattoo: a couple of the Marines with whom Brad McKee served had a black-and-white American flag inked on their chests. The tattoos were accompanied by the words “disposable hero.”

“It didn’t matter how many people back in the States ever forgot about what they did or what they were doing at the time,” McKee explains. “They were willing to become disposable, if that’s what it took, in the name of freedom, and give their lives, if that’s what it took, for their cause.”

McKee, along with two wounded veterans, two Hero WOD families, Navy SEALs and a full Marine Corps Color Guard, were present at the Disposable Heroes WOD event on Jan. 21 at CrossFit By Overload in Murrieta, Calif.

Wounded veteran Aaron Mankin travels across the country, recounting his story.

“I feel like it’s important for all of us to know what others go through so that we can have those blessings, … so that we can just live our lives and be blessed,” he says. “As you sweat here today, I’d only have you ask yourself if you’re willing and able, what will you do?”

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Additional reading: Fallen but Never Forgotten by Russell Berger, published May 30, 2010.

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11 Comments on “Disposable Heroes: What Will You Do?”


Paul Southern wrote …

Brad, thank you for leading by example. Your ethos inspires us all to be better human beings.

Jordan, thank you for hosting this exceptional event and putting together this outstanding video.


wrote …

this was a fantastic event and with huge participation. i am honored to have been present and to serve alongside other marine heroes who consider themselves disposable everyday. thank you brad and jordan for a great event and a challenging workout!


wrote …

Just reminds us of how fragile life is and how we must support these guys and gals who give and sacrifice so much. Every time I meet a troop I make sure I let them know that their service is more than we can ever ask for and it is by far the most noble thing one can do. My hats off to all you out there that protect us. Thanks Really! I am never too busy for you all. My mind will never forget.

I actually met a POW who worked on the bridge on the river Quai. Look it up if you don't know what that was about. I tell it was such an honor to hear him speak to us. These people are just amazing.


Ammar Sagban wrote …

Fantastic video clip - and fantastic project. "The Disposable Heroes"

Too many times the media focues on the war and the fight but not the lives, the people or the change it brings. Keep up the good work CrossFit


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

VERY intense and emotional stuff. I see this and it REALLY reminds me that when I catch myself complaining about stupid shit that I have NO right to do so.

My mentality today is waaaaay different than when I was younger. I remember thinking of joining Marines & wrestling, but all I wanted to do was escape NJ.

I was very immature and the info I've learned from the Journal and the many military videos has shaped my mentality BIG time

HUGE thank you to all our service women and men.

Jordan G, GREAT job on the video, brutha!


wrote …

Thanks for putting this message out there. Moving, inspirational, and well done!


wrote …

Thank you!


wrote …

Thank you for Sharing this. Puts it all into perspective!


wrote …

Thanks for setting an example Brad. I want to got hit a HERO WOD now..
Great Story


wrote …

Thanks for what you do Brad and all the supporters of DHP. God bless the all that choose to serve our country.



wrote …

Thanks for this inspiring video. It reminds me how great of a community we have. Truly holistic fitness. I am glad to see a CrossFit project that gives people the opportunity to show their support and gratitude rather than lip service "thank yous" and the like. (not to say that it is all disingenuous). The story of surviving with wounds is all to common and I have firends who are doing just that. And yes, we are fortunate to have the medical/logistical proficiency to get these guys from point of injury to higher care and beyond.

I especially like the Disposible Hero theme. I was home on R&R and overheard some "ladies" voicing their opinion on the fairness of military discounts, and why they don't get a discount, why service members don't pay taxes and other trivial matters. They felt it was unnecessary. It struck me to the core. A simple gesture as a discount (which is often not honored) for those and their families who have volunteered with the possibility of sacrificing everything. And that is even too much of a concession for some. I suppose we are all Disposible Heroes. We fight for us and those like us. The rest are just oblivious ungrateful chaff. And I'm proud to see an overwhelming number of CrossFitters fall in the "us" category. Great stuff. And great perspective for many civilians.


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