Fun With a Purpose

By Jeff Martin

In Kids

March 06, 2012

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Jeff Martin explains how the philosophy of the CrossFit Kids program sets young athletes up for a lifetime of success.

BIG Fun! Anyone who has gone through a CrossFit Kids Trainer Course better have come away with the idea that kids classes need to be fun or that trainer will have failed in his or her primary purpose.

From preschool to teens, fun is a must. We are trying to get kids to buy into the idea that fitness and fun are synonymous. When kids see the gym, they should think fun. When they see pull-up bars, they should think fun. Barbells—fun. When kids think of CrossFit, they should think fun.

That the kids think CrossFit Kids is fun is extremely important to the development of a lifelong love of fitness. Kids want to do the things they find fun. They ask to do them, and they are much more likely to stick with them.

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