Game-Day Nutrition

By Matt Chan

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In this video filmed at a CrossFit Competitors Course at CrossFit Park City, Matt Chan explains that you have to have a plan for your grub during competition.

“You should be able to tell somebody (your plan), rather than showing up to the Home Depot Center (without) a clue and you’re going upstairs to buy food from the concession stand,” he says.

To illustrate his point, Chan creates a meal plan for a single day of competition that involves a 9 a.m. workout, a noon skills test, a 1:30 p.m. workout and a 7 p.m. workout. The blueprint is based on an athlete who typically eats 18 blocks a day; on competition day, he will eat 25 blocks.

“(You) should have a very good idea of what supplies you’re going to need for game day so that you operate the best and most effectively,” he says. “Somebody who shows up with either a cooler or shopping bags, you know they’ve got their plan.”

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9 Comments on “Game-Day Nutrition”


wrote …

I remember one video from the games where Khalipa is asking Rob Orlando for some of his chicken breast and offering him some Red Bull in return, Rob Orlando wanted nothing to do with the Red Bull. Khalipa's only game day nutrition is to be a beast.


wrote …

@ tony, I thought about that video as soon as I started watching

Good stuff Chan!


wrote …

Why did you negate all fat during the workout day?


wrote …


How did you figure out how many game day blocks you need?

Thanks for the info!!


wrote …

Best, most direct and applicable game day/ competition nutritional information I've come across, with regards to the zone block lifestyle. I would like to know what his conversion is. Does this 25 block total apply to everyone? I am a small guy. Would I and a big guy like Matt Chan use the same amount of blocks for that day? How would the fat multiplier come into play? Would I still be at 3X fat blocks for the entire day at all 4 block meals, etc.?
I would love to see more of this real life applications of the nutrition. It's a good way to help us plan as well as tweek for our own body types, size, etc.
Thanks CF HQ.


wrote …

seconding Anton's comment!


wrote …

seconding Anton's comment!


wrote …

So here's the down and dirty way to figure out and manipulate your block Rx.

Determine your body fat %. This can be done via a dozen different methods by google-ing "measuring body fat".

Once you have your body fat, take your BW (210#) and multiply it by your BF% (.14) = 29.4. Subtract that from your BW for a LBM.

Here's the formula for your baseline block Rx: (LBM x Activity Factor)/7... (180.6 x 7)/7

Now, you adjust the activity factor based on your # of WOD's per day. You should also take into consideration the impact of the WOD's... i.e. Gymnastics practice won't change the activity factor, but a second triplet lasting 20:00 certainly will.

What I've seen work is an activity factor of .8 - .85 for 2 WODs and .9 - 1.0 for 3+ WODs.

Hope this helps a bit.



wrote …

Thanks Matt!
Helps a lot.
Appreciate it.

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