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March 04, 2012

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What would you ask investigative journalist Gary Taubes if you had the chance?

After his presentation to the CrossFit Seminar Staff in San Diego in October 2011, Taubes took questions from the crowd of trainers and HQ staff members.

The author of Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories addresses such things as what he would do with unlimited funds. It turns out if he had all the cash he needed, Taubes would actually design a study that would prove “that you can increase energy intake above expenditure and still cause weight loss, and that the meaningful variable is the nutrient composition of the diet, not the calories.”

And if Taubes could create that study, how would he convince the average person that the revolutionary findings are actually true?

And what about the links between diet and cancer?

Taubes answers a host of thoughtful questions, but perhaps the question you really need to ask is a very simple one:

Is there too much sugar in your diet?

20min 20sec

Additional reading: Good Hormones, Bad Hormones: The Energy Balance Equation by Tony Leyland, published March 1, 2008.

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8 Comments on “Gary Taubes: Questions From the Floor”


wrote …

Are those all affiliate owners in the crowd? How do you get to go to things like this?


wrote …

Excellent video!


wrote …

Are those all affiliate owners in the crowd? How do you get to go to things like this?


wrote …

Thanks, HQ, for making this a free download!


wrote …

Can someone post the titles, authors, or links to the studies Gary Taubes lists?


wrote …

Please post the entire Q/A.


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Video was cut short?


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i haven't seen the mandatory "keep em coming" comment for this video so here it is:
"keep these videos" coming!
BTW, haven't seen this one. Was it any good?

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