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6,000 Miles for Rob Orlando by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

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March 09, 2012

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In late October 2011, Hybrid Athletics hosted nine CrossFitters from Israel for four days. The group made the trip specifically to work with box owner and strongman expert Rob Orlando. At the end of the visit, eight completed a Level 1 Seminar at the Stamford, Conn., affiliate.

“We’ve practiced the kegs, the yoke, the farmer’s handles, the logs, the stones—all the tools that we use—and we’re going to send them home armed with the knowledge of how to use it and teach it,” Orlando says.

Omry Peled, owner of CrossFit Herzliya in Israel, says time spent with Orlando will help him instruct strongman movements to his clients with confidence.

“Being in Israel, far away from the action, getting this kind of attention from that great of an athlete … kind of connects it to the entire community,” he says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 202 by Justin Judkins, published Dec. 14, 2011.

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7 Comments on “6,000 Miles for Rob Orlando”


wrote …

I miss you guys.


wrote …

Way to go Rob!


wrote …

thank's Rob, Tim and HQ for this amazing oportunity to learn from the best and bring the knolege to Israel.

we will definitly continew to try and improov and learn new stuff to be the best coaches posible and to provid our clients with the best methods out there.

Rob, you were definetly worth the trip!


wrote …

The time we spent at Hybrid Athletics with Rob O and Tim changed the way we think about training. From this group two of us are opening Crossfit boxes with affiliation .
As of today I am training a group of young men getting ready for their military service . Each one of them has volunteered for elite units or just came out of one of the elite units.
Once we have a site we will be getting all of the toys from Rob and affiliate with Crossfit HQ .
Yaron Nof is also opening up a spot .Omry Peled has been helping us to develop our facilities .
Josh of Crossfit Jerusalem is having us over for a friendly "throwdown" trips down to Crossfit Herzliyah are part of our weekly ritual.
Hybrid showed us what is possible and taught us how to get there . They are simply the best.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

That was awesome guys!

When I go back to Israel I will visit you guys!

We are in Qiryat Tivon


replied to comment from Zach Even - Esh

thanks zach

we'll go lift some stones on the walls of ako :)


wrote …

That was Great.. The Cross Fit Community is Global

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