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March 14, 2012

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What do you do after winning season 12 of The Biggest Loser? You get your CrossFit Level 1 certificate, of course.

Washington native John Rhode lost 220 lb. on the show, winning the grand prize of $250,000 by weighing 225 lb.

“I’m more energetic, I’m more optimistic, my entire countenance has changed, my outlook on life has changed,” he says while at CrossFit Scottsdale to complete a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course. “I now know that with proper planning and execution of those plans, anything is possible.”

Rhode says he has never felt more welcomed at a gym than he has at CrossFit boxes, and he believes the training methodology is for everyone. After being lucky enough to be on The Biggest Loser, Rhode says he feels not obligated but passionate to help others meet their fitness goals.

“You must contribute. You must give back,” he says. “Right now it’s about passing the Level 1, getting my box open and touching lives right in my community, right in my own backyard.”

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Additional reading: By the Numbers by Amy Santamaria and Tim Retzik, published Sept. 29, 2010.

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6 Comments on “Biggest Loser Winner Goes CrossFit”


wrote …

I think John is legit and he will make it happen. I watched him in Season 12, and was glad he showed not only that he can lose the weight, but he can come to grips with the emotional change it takes to be a healthy person. More power to you in your pursuit of touching lives. I think we need a CF box on every block so everyone can have access to this amazing regime. One word from me....Consider weather you want to touch those who are already wealthy (Scottsdale), or a neighborhood that truly needs the support. Think about how we can make this sport more affordable for everyone.


wrote …

I watched Johns season of Biggest Loser and he is the real deal. It was inspiring seeing how focused he was from the beginning on no only winning the show, but changing his life.
I wish you luck with your box, and your new life John.
I saw a lot of crossfit like exercise on the show, so it seems like a natural progression to me.


wrote …

I love this guy! I never watched the BL but just watching him speak - his passion, his energy, his articulation - this guys GETS IT and will be such an incredible motivator, coach and inspiration to his future clients and everyone! John, you're awesome, keep up the great work!


wrote …

What a great story John! Keep up getting after it, hope all works out. You definitely have a worthwhile story and one that can influence many. One thing that was awesome too was seeing the Biggest Loser's own Bob Harper in the background of the video. I've heard he's been really using CrossFit with the contestants too! What a great avenue to continue to show CrossFit to the world. CrossFit Journal, maybe think about a piece with him too...


wrote …

Damn! This guy is the man.
He says it like it is. Love your passion!


wrote …

Thank you all so much! I am very blessed! Now if I could just RX Fran!

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