Perfecting the Box Jump

By Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli

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March 07, 2012

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Box jumps are mainly about jumping onto a box. Simple, right? But like any CrossFit movement, you can always add a good dose of virtuosity for increased speed, efficiency and grace.

Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli explain exactly how to set up for efficient box jumps, and they say it all starts with foot position and body position. As all supple leopards know, great body position takes work, so Starrett offers up some mobility drills to get you ready to bounce.

The experts also explain how the standard of landing on top of the box and opening the hips usually results in good positioning, while the landing on the ground is sometimes less than graceful. Often the knees go into bad positions on the ground landing, which creates what Starrett calls a “torque dump.” To prevent this, Paoli recommends keeping the feet quite close together during ground contact.

By preparing your joints and tissues properly and then using solid positioning during reps, your box-jump efficiency will improve instantly.

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Additional reading: Kelly’s Koffin: Five Feet Over by Larry Gallagher, published May 25, 2009.

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18 Comments on “Perfecting the Box Jump”


wrote …

Video is incomplete. It stops before the end.


wrote …

I see that, too, with the Windows Media version, but Flash runs to the end with no issues. Give one of the other options a try.


wrote …

More videos by Kelly and Carl, please.


wrote …

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Thanks guys, can't wait to work on these mechanics to see how it improves my jumping.


wrote …

Video cuts off before the end.


wrote …

Great video on jumping mechanics. If you're having problems viewing the video with windows media, try viewing it in flash player.


wrote …

Perfecting the box jump: jump onto the box, jump off. End.


wrote …

"Go chase this Chupacapbra." Awesome and fun video. Team Kelly and Carl together for a cert and it will sell like Paleo pancakes at IHOP.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

I envy everyone that belongs to San Fransisco CrossFit


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

*San Francisco


replied to comment from Vasiliy Buharin

2nd that!


wrote …

Thanks to KStar and Coach Carl for their excellent and timely box jump advice. I'll always be a grinder on box jumps, but by following the form you guys recommended I felt a little faster, more consistent, and more solid on them today. Especially by trying to keep my feet close together on the landing -- that really makes a difference.


replied to comment from Vasiliy Buharin

2nd that!


wrote …

Once again the professionalism of CrossFit shows through.

KStar and Carl are 2 of the best out there and the knowledge base between them is staggering. Well done guys and thanks for making this 2015 Masters Games hopeful just a little more mobile and efficient today.


wrote …

I was looking for a great box jump breakdown long before the open, now I found it. Thanks.


wrote …

Thank you Guys, really excellent coaching. I have leant so much from this.


wrote …

Incompletely agree with this. I use my vibram 5-finger shoes and had a crazy soreness in the ball of my left foot. I thought it was the shoes only to realize that when my movement was analyzed, I was dumping at the top and splitting too far at he bottom. So, for my foot/leg/body's health I appreciate your spotting technique.


wrote …

Thanks for the tips, Friends ! Awesome !

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