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March 13, 2012

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There was no plan. CrossFit Brisbane was an accident, says owner and head trainer Matt Swift.

“I was doing PT. I was doing CrossFit myself, stumbling upon it, badly, and just had this phenomenon of my PT clients not progressing as well as my training buddies,” he says with a laugh, “which was a bit embarrassing.”

So Swift started grouping together his PT clients and having them compete against each other.

“It transpired my PT business into a group-fitness business, and then it just became a CrossFit business.”

CrossFit, Swift tells HQ Media Director Tony Budding, is strengthened by the people in its community.

“The relationship component of the community … is that when we turn up to events like the (CrossFit) Tour, like the Games, we see the same faces ... ,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what the latest fitness expert is saying because these people are still going to be there … . They’re just not going anywhere. And that provides a grassroots strength that just can’t be attacked.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 213 by Justin Judkins, published Feb. 29, 2012.

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9 Comments on “CrossFit Tour: Matt Swift in Gold Coast”


wrote …

Wow. That man is well spoken. Excellent stop on the tour Tony.


wrote …

It is people like him that makes CrossFit what it is. Such an awesome perspective.


wrote …

Very impressed with Matt.
While he's not the bumpkin he makes out, he is just as genuine he comes across as here.


wrote …

great perspectives from Matt. very well spoken.


wrote …

what a great guy, thank you very inspirational


wrote …

Great interview! I'm probably biased being a proud member of Crossfit Brisbane for the past 3 years but Matt Swift would probably be one of the best coaches in Australia, not just in Crossfit but also as a life coach in general!! A great athlete in his own right, Matt is an inspiration and we're very fortunate to have him as our coach!!


wrote …

matt swift helps me on the crossfit olympic trainers courses when we are in australia.....matt swift is a great coach as well as a great person!!! i contend that it is because of his beautiful wife and great kids!!! very proud to know matt and consider him a very good friend!!


replied to comment from Bill Solofa

oh boy do i second these comments. I too have been a proud member of CFB for over 2.5years and i count myself fortunate to have 'stumbled' into CFB .. Matt, Wendy and all the staff at CFB are prefessional, inspirational and above all patient with this older budding athlete...


wrote …

After two separate visits to CrossFit Brisbane it was decided. We uprooted our lives in Adelaide, South Australia (2000 km away) and set off on our fitness pilgrimage to the epicenter of CrossFit in Australia - CFB. Our original intention was to spend 6 months training and learning at one of the best CrossFit Affiliates in Australia. Having now spent 7 months here in Brisbane, we know our journey has only just begun.. Thank you Matt and Wendy for taking us in, training us, (giving us jobs!) and helping us feel a part of what is, to us and many, the greatest CrossFit in the Southern Hemisphere.
Keep changing the world, one WOD at a time! - Simon and Lauren Purchase

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