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March 20, 2012

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There was a time when Reis Baron was excited to do 90 minutes on the elliptical machine—sometimes twice a day. Then his friend told him about the handstand push-ups he was doing at CrossFit.

“I was just like, ‘Why on Earth are you doing handstand push-ups? Are you in the Army? What is the purpose of what you do?’” he recalls asking. “It was so mind boggling to me.”

Baron walked into CrossFit NYC at 335 lb. His first WOD: a modified Fight Gone Bad.

“Got through four reps before I was borderline puking.”

Knee push-ups made him ill, too.

Today he’s lost 50 lb. and hasn’t weighed himself in about four months, he says.

“I’m better at my job. I’m better as a father. My son does CrossFit now. He’s 5 years old and he does CrossFit Kids near where I live. I just regret so much not doing something like this earlier,” Baron says. “There isn’t something in my life that hasn’t improved. … It will never get old.”

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11 Comments on ““It Will Never Get Old” ”


wrote …

Reis, great heart. Thanks for sharing and putting it all out there for all of us to see.


wrote …

You look great Reis good for you,you sticking with it.


wrote …

Congratulations bro your looking really good. - keep up the great work!


wrote …

reis, you inspire me. thanks


wrote …

Reis you are always a inspiration to me. Never stop, always get better.


wrote …

Reis, it makes my week when I know you or Jacob are coming to visit us at Guerrilla Fitness. I wish this video was 30 minutes longer because then people can really get a feel for how much you energy and awesomeness you bring to which ever gym you are in. It's an honor to get to share you with CF NYC. And for those out there who want to learn how to Bear Crawl just ask Reis's son for lessons. Keep on break through those walls!


wrote …

go reis GO!


wrote …

Awesome Reis!

It was great to meet you at the shed back in January!
Keep fighting the good fight Brother!


Reis Baron wrote …

You're all amazing for taking the time out to watch my story. Thanks so much, and Im glad you were able to take something away from it. Some things to know that I neglected to mention are:

1) Sara Carr at Crossfit NYC orchestrated by entire transformation with her relentless coaching style, and refusal to settle for less than 100% every single WOD. I owe her immensely for getting me here.

2) I have a blog about my Crossfit experience at - I desperately need to update it, so check it out and expect some fresh content very soon.

3) My wife Melissa deserves all the credit in the world for putting up with my Crossfit addiction on a daily basis. She's a kick-ass kickboxer and we inspire each other, as we've both made so much progress. I Love you, honey!

4) To you, the Crossfit community...I've gotten so much and feel like I have so much to give back. I look forward to meeting more of you down the road. For now it feels great to know that we're all making this happen together. What an absolute thrill!

Peace, and Much Love to you all!


wrote …

Good job man. Keep it up.


wrote …

Atta boy. Inspirational.

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