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March 19, 2012

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Coach Mike Burgener has a special gift for simplifying the Olympic lifts—especially for beginners.

“Ninety percent of all missed lifts are attributed to the feet,” Burgener says to a group of athletes at a CrossFit Oly seminar.

To be successful on the platform, Burgener says you need to find the jumping position and the landing position. The first position has the feet right under the hips, while the latter position is the same stance you would use for a squat. The jumping position is easy to find, but when you add some speed and a barbell, the landing position can be very difficult to locate.

“You have to focus on those feet,” Burgener says while drilling foot position.

Imparting more wisdom, Burgener reminds that you don’t actually pull the barbell overhead in Olympic lifting. You drive it off the floor and then shrug yourself underneath it. But the key to the movement is simply jumping and landing in the ideal receiving position.

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Additional reading: Burg’s Eye View No. 1 by Mike Burgener, published Nov. 3, 2010.

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5 Comments on “Jumping Position, Landing Position”


wrote …

The information provided in all of Coach B's instructional videos is invaluable. Although I have been to Coach B' Oly cert, viewing the videos over and over helps me hear Coach B.s voice and prompts when I am practicing or WODing Oly lifts. Thank you CrossFit HQ for providing this platform for Coach B to reach us through the main site.


wrote …

I attended this B is amazing!!


wrote …

What is up with the "We love you coach"? That was the weirdest thing I've seen


wrote …

Ya it was a little weird.


wrote …

Coach B was very entertaining and had a playful style through out the entire weekend that kept us very involved. He has a military background and one of the techniques was to have the group sound off every once in a while to show we are paying attention. It was a great weekend...and not weird at all if you were there.

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