Box Profile: P3 CrossFit

By Justin Martirano and John McPherson

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March 26, 2012

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John McPherson started his affiliate in a multi-sport facility that included batting cages and soccer practice.

“I just couldn’t provide a service to my clients unless I got out,” he says of the space his business outgrew.

That’s when he found the “giant rectangle” that is now P3 CrossFit, which has been open for about three years in Houston. The box has 198 active members, 47 children in its CrossFit Kids program, three full-time trainers and four part-time trainers in the instructor-training program.

The program is modeled after one started at CrossFit L.A., McPherson says. First comes identifying the “truly motivated and actively involved athlete.” Over time, these trainees are given small duties for added responsibility, then they complete a Level 1 seminar and spend time shadowing coaches.

“It’s months before they ever actually get in front of a class,” McPherson says.

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