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March 28, 2012

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Everyone has a different reason for doing CrossFit. For Pat Sprague of Cascade CrossFit in Washington state, CrossFit is about camaraderie and self-improvement.

“The beauty of it to me is that … there’s someone there to guide me, and I’m also in a classroom situation where there’s a bunch of other people doing it with you,” he says.

Sprague competed in the 45-49 Masters Division at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, and though he couldn’t get a muscle-up in the fourth event, he was moved by all the other competitors who tried to coach him to his first one after they had completed the workout.

“I think the sport invites people that are humble, that are good people,” he says.

Sprague, a recovering alcoholic, loves the CrossFitter’s dedication to self-improvement, and he considers the sport of fitness an important part of his recovery.

“I have a disease that’s life or death, and this is part of my life, so I’m grateful,” he says. “I’m grateful for the sport and what it’s done for me and my family.”

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26 Comments on ““My Recovery Program: CrossFit””


wrote …

Hi Pat, I loved your story and especially how your heart for wanting to be a better man, a better dad and a good friend came through loud and clear. As a 56 year old CFer, it's good to see you young uns keep bringing it!


wrote …

Awesome story. Stay strong!


wrote …

Hi Pat, just saw your video, and I want to thank you for saying the things you said. I too am recovering and grateful for the good things I've discovered along the path. I just went to my second free workout at Crossfit this morning. I'm really excited about what I am doing and about the support and the coaching that I am getting. I'll be 64 in June. Litening to you gave me great encouragement. Thank you. John Tully, Santa Clarita, CA


wrote …

Thanks Pat! Keep coming back!


wrote …

Amazing story. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for being strong enough to be open about your life. Keep up the great work!


replied to comment from David Lorenzo

Thanks for sharing...say hello to Bill W.


wrote …

You couldn't have said it better Pat CF'ers keep it withing the community and always cheering one another on regardless of the ups and down. We are family! Keep up the good work buddy!!!!


wrote …

Hi Pat! Thanks for sharing. Amazing all the sober people in CF. A guy in a meeting told me about CF almost two years ago. My program has changed and improved since CF. You described my feelings to the T! Thanks for getting choked up I too get that way. The gratitude I have for Crossfit and the other program we share is imeasrable! So, are you doing muscle ups? If you are ever in LV stop by CF Max Effort!


wrote …

Thanks for sharing Pat.

We are a crazy lot, I am always coaching the guys I want to beat on the WOD. Perhaps if they are better I will push myself more. Then again aren't we truly only competing against ourselves and our own demons.


replied to comment from john tully

I am 31 and a US Marine. I love looking up and seeing the "old man" whooping my behind in a WOD! If they can put max effort out, I better be doing the same! Keep up the good work, stay determined and good things will always happen.

Pat, amazing story! I can't begin to explain how much I relate to you about CFit. Charles hit it on the nose, battling our OWN demons, but you are doing great. I have been sober for almost 5 years now. Feels great! Good luck to you.


wrote …

the most motivating 8.5 minutes. your the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrote …

Simply, thank you, Pat.


wrote …

Pat, thank you. I hope to continue this and climbing ropes at 47 and competing. As a health educator and CrossFit Coach, to see what you have battled back against, that in itself is more of a struggle than any AMRAP, clock, or distance. Amazing work and an amazing heart!


wrote …

You freaking freaking rule Pat! I can relate to your story. Youre a motivating man.


wrote …

Very moving.. Thank you.


wrote …

Hi Pat,
Thank you for sharing your story. I too am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and CrossFit is part of my recovery. I have opened my own box and came close to qualifying for the games in the 45-49 y/o age group. Your story will inspire me to try even harder.


wrote …

I love people with big balls. The strength this man just showed me is amazing. Keep it up Pat you are pulling many of us with you bro.

Also, every time I get moved by one of these stories, I want to say "Thank you coach Greg Glassman." I can only imagine how great it must feel to do something that has touched and improved so many lives. With the greatest gratitude and humbleness, "Thank You Coach Glassman."
Bill Houghton, Marquette Michigan


wrote …

Last years' Games was a blast, buddy! It was an honor competing with you. I had no idea your story was so amazing. Way to put yourself out there for others to follow!

Craig Howard
Diablo CrossFit


wrote …

Great video Pat.


wrote …





wrote …

Thanks for the transparency Pat, you are truly an inspiration for many, God bless you and yours, keep your eye on the prize.

Dan Ralls
CrossFit Lake City


wrote …

Lots of great motivational quotes, Pat, you are a true HERO, continue to LIVE!!!


wrote …

Thank you for sharing your story.
Keep it up Pat!


wrote …

This is one of my Favorite videos. Makes me want to be a better person not just a better crossfitter


wrote …

Pat, thanks for your story! I celebrated 30 years this past January and, like you, Crossfit is very much an integral part of my recovery!! Keep it up ODAAT!!

Mark V
Ithaca NY


wrote …

Thank you for sharing your story. We have a lot in common. I too am a recovering alcoholic who has been down the road of destruction. May God bless you for being brave and sharing your story. Strength in our weakness. CrossFit is a blessing indeed. I am very proud of you Pat. WOD up!

Scott R
The WOD garage/CrossFit Kenosha
Racine/Kenosha, WI

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