The Cost of CrossFit

By Aaron Carr

In The CrossFit Life

March 29, 2012

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Aaron Carr explains how 65-year-old Bruce Hughes discovered the true price of CrossFit after a year at CrossFit Cedar City.

Bruce Hughes is a mild-mannered accountant who moved to Cedar City, Utah, 18 years ago from California. He spends 12 to 16 hours a day sitting down at a desk, and years of this sedentary lifestyle contributed to his poor physical condition.

A year and a half ago, Hughes was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. The doctor gave him a fourth prescription that he would have to take for the rest of his life. Hughes knew he was in trouble and needed to change something.

Hughes had tried “working out” before. He would go to the gym and spend an hour each day on the same three machines doing sets of 10 and cardio, with no results for all the effort. He knew he needed something different, so he decided to give CrossFit a try.

Knowing about Hughes’ sedentary past, his office actually started a pool wagering how long he would last. The average bet was he wouldn’t even make it through three of the foundations classes.

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8 Comments on “The Cost of CrossFit”


Dane Thomas wrote …

Way to go Bruce! My father just turned 69 and he was asking me about CrossFit when we video-chatted last week. I am sending him the link right now.

To the Journal staff - Thanks for making this one free!


Lauren Del Rosario wrote …

This story makes me so happy!!!


wrote …

This is what I am talking about! Hell ya. CrossFit Games rock, but this story represents the magic of CrossFit!


wrote …

So motivating!


wrote …

This is the longevity of Crossfit. The Games are cool and exciting. All the youngsters and elder statesman (I can say that because I'm officially "over the hill") that are killing the Open WODs are fun to watch. However, as a trainer I get the most satisfaction out athletes like Bruce. Bruce is indicative of how wonderful and powerful an impact the Crossfit paradigm can be to our sedentary society. Bruce you inspire me more than Froning, Clever and Khalipa (and that's saying something). You have the same rockstar status as those firebreathers in my eyes. Keep on keepin' on.


wrote …

Congratulations Bruce!!

I love these stories. This Glassman guy once said "We do CrossFit so we don't suck at life."

HT to Denise Thomas for remembering that line to me!


wrote …

Keep it up Bruce! I just went over one year at CrossFit and it has really helped me get back on my feet after numerous back surgeries. Love this stuff. I wish more folks would give it a try.


wrote …

You're right, Bruce; it is free. That's what I'm going to start telling all my friends.
I'm 56 now, and until Jan 2011, I'd felt lousy for over a decade. I thought it was just the normal process of aging. I started Crossfit and Paleo that Jan. Within a week I felt good, really good. I lost 16 pounds in the 1st 4 months. At a recent physical, my blood pressure was 110/58 and pulse was less than my age. My wife, who hated working out (and so she didn't), recently did an 8-week Body Comp Challenge at our box and lost over 16 inches. And she won that Challenge as voted on by her fellow competitors.

Like everyone, I've make poor choices in ife and good ones. Crossfit ranks as one of the better choices I've ever made.

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