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March 21, 2012

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Jasmine Danker wanted to be a “tiny-call-a-gist” but couldn’t be happier to be a CrossFit trainer.

The CrossFit Journal is pleased to present the next in a series of profiles designed to help you get to know some of the best people in our community.

Jasmine Danker isn’t living her childhood dream of being a doctor or the pink Power Ranger, but that’s OK with her. She loves working with CrossFit athletes in Singapore.



2 Comments on “You Were Saying … With Jasmine Danker”


wrote …

Jasmine, great piece. Nice to see a fellow CrossFitter from South East Asia and also one of Coach Kevin's athletes getting profiled at the CrossFit Journal. Hope to see you in Singapore in April for the summit.


wrote …

Awesome article Jas'!

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