All About the ’Bell

By T.J. Murphy

In Kettlebells

April 02, 2012

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Kettlebell RX: The Complete Guide for Coaches, by Jeff Martone. 320 pp. Victory Belt Publishing. $34.95.

Jeff Martone is the CrossFit kettlebell subject-matter expert and creator of the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainers Course. He knows kettlebells.

Martone’s book is divided into three parts, the first dedicated to CrossFit athletes and coaches. In this regard, Kettlebell RX can be defined as a supporting manual to his CrossFit Kettlebell course: it’s an extensive and detailed resource for the nuances of adopting into one’s programming an assortment of new movement patterns using a kettlebell.

I think Kettlebell RX will mostly appeal to CrossFit trainers in need of a reference source for refining proper mechanics with a kettlebell and more advanced CrossFit athletes who have a solid understanding of fundamentals. It will also offer coaches options on kettlebell exercises to keep their programming “constantly varied.”

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5 Comments on “All About the ’Bell”


wrote …

Just bought it and can't wait to delve into it.


wrote …

I purchased the Kettlebell RX book by Jeff Martone and I recommend it highly. The book is well designed and thought out. The photos and the accompanying written instructions give the reader an excellent idea of how each kettlebell exercise should be done. Also, there are a lot of strength and conditioning tips that will help athletes of all levels.


wrote …

If your into Kettlebells, order the book!

A must for anyone who has attended Jeff's KB cert., or who is savvy with the online video resources. As with any of the CF SME seminars, there is just too much information for anyone w/o a photographic memory to take in and remember every nuance 3 months down the road. The book is a great reference for all of the micro and macro aspects to the basic KB movements.

A long overdue resource.


wrote …

I'm looking forward to this book. Question - should I buy the book then take the class or vice - versa


replied to comment from Eugene Vick

I took the class last October and it was a blast! Can't recommend it enough. I obviously got the book after, great resource. Having it at the box allows me to glance back to remember certain points. It also gives our members a chance to flip through as well.

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