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Q&A With Bob Harper by Bob Harper - CrossFit Journal

Q&A With Bob Harper

By Bob Harper

In CrossFit, HD Videos

April 30, 2012

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CrossFit HQ’s Miranda Oldroyd sits down with Bob Harper to talk about his introduction of CrossFit on the hugely popular NBC show The Biggest Loser.

Working with the morbidly obese brings a whole separate set of challenges when it comes to fitness and nutrition, Harper notes.

“People that don’t really know about CrossFit see the CrossFit Games, see athletes such as yourself that are just so strong. You’re unattainable to the average person,” he says to Oldroyd. “What I’ve really wanted to do is introduce middle America to CrossFit in a very scalable way.”

Likewise, Harper had contestants do Fran. Although they couldn’t achieve the perfect range of motion, they were moving, he says.

“When it comes to my clientele, it’s all about scalability,” explains Harper, who completed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course.

CrossFit also has changed the way the celebrity fitness guru trains.

“It’s made training much more exciting for me,” he says. “It’s made it much more exciting for the people that are on my show.”

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19 Comments on “Q&A With Bob Harper”


wrote …

This video is amazing! I'm a Crossfit trainer and certified personal trainer. The video made apparent to me the fact that every road in the fitness industry should end with "Crossfit"...for the elite athlete, middle American and even the morbildly obese client. Thanks


wrote …

Enjoyed that, thank-you.

Bob seems such a genuine guy in his love of CrossFit. I wonder if his experience letting his clients see him suffer the workout will lead to him being more willing to share that with them.
I see trainers being unwilling to let their clients see their flaws and that is one way of doing it. Better I think to show that you're a human being too and plat the idea that they can match or even exceed you one day.


wrote …

"I sipped the koolaid..." -Bob Harper
Yeah you did Bob, glad to have you aboard. :)


wrote …

Those whip lash or gunshot sound effects, what the? Sweet video


wrote …

Bob's passion for CF is awesome.

Miranda's legs are heaven.


wrote …

its amazing how many people look at me and say oh your in crazy good shape thats why you do crossfit and then i look at them and tell them how I watch a women in her early sixties deadlift 185lbs the other day and their mouth is just wide open staring at me. Love how bob is saying he's bringing this to middle America. Thats where we really need to begin the improvement of fitness.


wrote …

This needs to be a free video... isn't it all about sharing with the masses. Bob has an amazing way of connecting with the average person.


wrote …

I like Nicole above am a cert. personal trainer and more importantly a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. I am somewhat like Bob, I have been in the fitness industry for fifeen years and just this last year discovered the "KOOL-AID" of CrossFit. I can tell you right now CrossFit is a game changer, there is nothing out there that can compare with the resources and broad inclusive fitness spectrum CrossFit engages. We need more people (like Bob) in the mainstream media to start endorsing the truth about fitness and what "real health and fitness" means.


Conan Bruce wrote …

Bob Harper is legit. Got to meet/listen to him briefly at the Fort Worth CrossFit Tour stop and he is the real deal. As an affiliate owner, I believe this guy is helping us reach people we never would have. I now have several severely overweight athletes in our gym because they saw CF on Biggest Loser.

We've got them doing scaled WODs and headed down the path of a solid Paleo/Zone nutrition prescription.

Great video. And great job to Miranda, solid interview.

CrossFit Impavidus


wrote …

Ya know, I thought the interview was ok. In no way, shape or form is this a stab at Bob Harper but he really didn't say anything groundbreaking. It seems as though he is under the impression that he will be leading the way to "bringing CrossFit to middle America". Well um, Bob, that's uh, sorta what we've been doing since DAY 1 in Santa Cruise til now across the world. Average people, seasoned athletes, old, young, tall, short, fat, skinny and everyone in between have been walking in to CrossFit affiliates through word of mouth and curiosity. CrossFit has been growing for over a decade and with the recent major publicity from Reebok and ESPN, the growth has amplified tremendously. So once again, nothing revelutionary about what Bob said during the interview. I'm stoked that he is spreading the good word and practice through the TV show but I hope he doesn't think that he is doing something that the rest of us CFL1 or CFL2 trainers/athletes/friends/family haven't done and that is "bring CF to the average American". We started as "the fitness underground" and we have grown together through all of our passions to spread the word and the practice of the CrossFit lifestyle. We're no longer the underground but it sure as hell isn't because Bob Harper started promoting CrossFit. Overall it was a positive interview and it holds value for people curious about giving CrossFit a try.


wrote …

Awsome! Good to know Bob is for CrossFit. Wish this video was posted on YouTube though to show all the haters that Crossfit isn't yappidi-yap workout thats its not bull! CrossFit is the new sport and I'm proud of being doing it!


wrote …

Great interview. The only issue that I had when Bob had his BL contestants do Fran on the show was the "sin" of dropping empty bars. I understand the intensity and bailing when required, but you have to still respect the equipment. If there is any chance of bailing on a 45 lb weight, scale the equipment as well....a 15 lb training bar and two 15 lb bumpers gives the same training effect as an empty 45 lb bar as well as enforces respect for the equipment.

Otherwise, keep it up!!!


wrote …

very well done. Nice job - love it!


wrote …

Awesome interview. I've been thinking "thank god for Greg Glassman" for years, and thank you Bob for having enough humility to learn CrossFit, being smart enough to understand and articulate what it is, and for giving it to your trainees. I have no doubt your demonstration of what CF can do for people with that great a physical limitation will help many people who think they can't CrossFit take a stab at it.

I really enjoyed this video!

This is a longer commentary on the Harper/CrossFit mixture. Paul


wrote …

Bravo Bob Harper!


replied to comment from Craig Massey

We work hard for Bob because he gains our trust. It is great seeing him workout. Some day I want to be able to beat his Fran time!


wrote …

I am very fortunate to know Miranda and Bob. I was 445 pounds and had given up on life. I was cast on a reality weight loss show. Early in the show I decided I would go balls out. I would fight every day. I was done being judged. I was done being laughed at. I was just done. I had no clue what CrossFit was. I did not know that I was doing hand release pushups or wall balls. I was doing what the boss told me to do. I lost 220 pounds in just under 6 months. I found myself after years of searching. Bob asked me to do CrossFit two times a week to prepare for our final weigh-in. I won by over 4% It wasn't even close. Why? Because of the desire I developed becoming physically fit. I have run two full marathons and three half marathons in the last 7 months.
I was morbidly obese. I was leading a sedentary lifestyle. I know how middle America feels. I am going to help distribute Kool aid any way I can. Everyone working together is how we as a community will convince America that there is no better path to true physical fitness than through CrossFit. I have been in many boxes and felt very comfortable and welcome. I was scared to do my first WOD. Leif and Melanie Lake at Leiftime CrossFit made me feel at ease. They had no idea who I was. It didn't matter. They helped save my life, just like Bob. I am very blessed and fortunate. I learn every day.
I lost 220 pounds and now I fight every day because I want to become physically fit. I love sharing my story and invite people to come WOD with me at Leiftime CF. Now I am on a mission to help as many people as possible. If I am able to help at least one person work through their issues and become fit, I will be very happy!

John Rhode
Winner season 12 NBC Biggest Loser
CrossFit Rookie


wrote …

Inspiration for those of us who haven't stepped into a new arena for awhile. "Constantly varied." Hooyah Bob!


wrote …

Inspiration for those of us who haven't stepped into a new arena for awhile. "Constantly varied." Hooyah Bob!

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