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Coaching Session: Packing It Into an Hour by Gary Baron - CrossFit Journal

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April 20, 2012

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Think you can’t fit it all into an hour? Watch Gary Baron work his magic.

The Rocklin CrossFit co-owner and coach begins with a group warm-up that looks like more than just a warm-up. For the first 25 minutes, members perform movements related to walking mechanics, speed training, body positioning, kinesthetic awareness, ankle mobility, agility and plyometrics. A technical lift follows. On this day it’s the split jerk.

“Work on technique, or if you have that technique developed, then you can start working on your strength component,” Baron says.

Then it’s a complex—3 sets of 20—with the actual workout immediately afterward. Finally, the session ends with core-stabilization training.

And a coach is with the group every minute, Baron notes.

“The whole time you’re moving. The whole time you’re getting instructed, making sure you get efficient motion, moving safely. And then work up toward that intensity down the road.”

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Additional reading: Coaching Correct Technique in the Split Jerk by Bob Takano, published Aug. 31, 2010.

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10 Comments on “Coaching Session: Packing It Into an Hour”


wrote …

Great video, loved seeing the everyday people.


wrote …

Classroom management at its best. I admire that you're with your students from start to finish. This is how every coach should aspire to be. Phenomenal job Coach Gary!


wrote …

These people are getting their money's worth. Great coach - technique, intensity, body awareness, preparation for sport - everything a box should aspire to be.


wrote …

That's solid coaching!


wrote …

Hey, another smart guy wearing Altras. Thought I was the only one.


wrote …

Great video! This is what great coaches do with their clients!


wrote …

Great Coach! Had to pleasure of him visiting my box not to long ago and picked up some great C&J pointers from him. Thanks again Gary! You are definitely an asset to the CrossFit community.


wrote …

Gary, did you get the whole SST program, or just the install of equipment? I have seen the SST guy speak at a football coaches clinic.


wrote …

thank you for all the kind notes, i truly appreciate it! it's simple, i genuinely want every client to reach their true potential, half the time i'm more excited when a person gets a pr then they are...

@Tom- we purchased the training side of sst, but i have redeveloped the conditioning model to make things much more intense and to create a better learning structure for my athletes. the facility you see in the video was the original sst. if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me!


wrote …

Excellent coaching!

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