CrossFit Radio Episode 221

By Justin Judkins

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On Episode 221 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit trainer and yoga instructor Nikki McGowan. Judkins also interviewed CrossFit newcomer Brent Bearup. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

The WOW (Workout of the Week) is from CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, Calif.

Four sets of:
Turkish get-up, 2 reps
Rest 60 seconds
Kettlebell swings, 25 reps
Rest 60 seconds

Then three rounds for time of:
275-lb. deadlifts, 10 reps
20 hand-release push-ups
30 double-unders

4:10 Nikki McGowan was a sprinter in high school and college and had high aspirations before injuries forced her down another path. She filled her competitive void with CrossFit and noticed significant gains in her performance when she combined the sport of fitness with yoga. McGowan has also found tremendous success training her CrossFit athletes in yoga, and she explained how flexibility is often neglected by CrossFitters who could benefit from yoga’s stretches and breathing techniques.

39:23 Brent Bearup has owned a gym for several years in Boise, Idaho. A friend told him he should turn his gym into a CrossFit affiliate, and he attended a Level 1 Trainer Course with very limited exposure to CrossFit. Bearup’s first official CrossFit workout was Fran, which they did on the first day of the seminar. Bearup gave his impressions of the seminar and of CrossFit’s philosophies, and he said he took to the community atmosphere right away. Finally, he explained his plans for his gym and his athletes.

58min 43sec

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