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The Everett Warm-Up by Josh Everett - CrossFit Journal

The Everett Warm-Up

By Josh Everett

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April 15, 2012

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HQ trainer and old-school CrossFitter Josh Everett takes you through his warm-up, which is designed to get the body primed for high-intensity functional movement.

In Part 1, Everett breaks things down:

1. General monostructural warm-up
2. General joint/muscle mobility
3. Specific joint/muscle mobility
4. Specific movement prep

“The first time your heart rate spikes, you don’t want it to be when you attack that WOD ’cause it’s gonna spike up super high and you’re gonna get gassed really early,” he says.

Although busy CrossFitters can eliminate some of the steps, Everett warns against nixing the warm-up altogether and jumping into a WOD “ice cold.”

“Your intensity’s going to be lower, and your chance of injury is going to be much higher.”

In part 2, Everett demonstrates his dynamic warm-up. He starts with knee hugs, quads stretches, the inch worm, the spider walk, the toy-soldier march and a walking toe touch.

“Now I want to pick up the pace a little bit,” he says.

Then it’s high knees, running backwards and karaoke to finish.

“Doesn’t take much time (and) ... gets my heart rate up and gets the muscles and joints ready to go,” he says.

Part 1: 4min 11sec
Part 2: 5min 8sec

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Additional read: Stretch for Optimum Performance—Before the WOD by Gus Patel, published March 9, 2011.

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15 Comments on “The Everett Warm-Up”


wrote …

Great warmup for us dad's. I have been looking for something like this. God thank you


wrote …

Kstar shall not be plllleeased. ;)


wrote …

nice josh!! ill add this into my warm up


wrote …

thanks Josh. Mis seeing you on the site, glad to see you again. I'm sure we'll cross paths at the games.


wrote …

Good to see a warm-up that is based more towards improved performance and injury prevention.


wrote …

Great stuff Josh... I think it's great to go macro to micro.. explain the rational of the warm up.. its 4 phases and their purposes. I also really liked your prioritzation. As I get older (I'm 38 now) I know that the more I tax my body during my warm up the better both the WOD performance will be as well as how I'll feel and mybody's ROM will be much truer as well. I also think that this level of thought should be going into POST WOD stretching. Again, as I get a little bit older, the importance of post workout stretching increases.. I am pretty darn flexible, but I need to tax my body before and after if I'm going to be able to attack a WOD. I always try to really get warm and pass the deep breathing well before a WOD.. unfortunately this takes a little time, but this is kind of my time to get into the WOD and to start to get focused on the training at hand.. I think it's a big mistake to just warm up for the WOD.. meaning only do the movements of the WOD.. I would say that I do the Bergener warm up almost every day I train. I feel that it's great for really opening up the body and reinforcing important core to extremety movement patterns as well. I really appreciated some of your variations on classics and your explanation of the points to be concentrating on while doing the movements. You can do the same movement, but if you're not properly focused on what you want your body to be doing during the movement you won't really be getting the benefit of those movements.
thanks and I hope that this sharing of movements and warm up and post wod movments recovery will be a kind of series. It's also good to get some variation for warm ups... everything should be varying right?


wrote …

great video, its funny how once our numbers go up and times go down, our warm up seems to go out the window, thanks for the eye opener


wrote …

i tried this the other day before the WOD. excellent warm up i recommend to anybody


wrote …

Great info! Thanks!!!


wrote …

Josh is the man!
I've seen this prep first hand, deployed in small and large groups. It's legit.
More of our best athletes and coaches warm ups please!



Frank DiMeo wrote …

Always reliable in formation given in a professional manner.


wrote …

This was just what I was hoping it would be, thanks Josh


wrote …

This is a fantastic warm-up and I have been using something similar to this in all of my sessions. It's inclusive, yet general, just like CrossFit.

On a side note, and not at all related to the video, where can we get Reebok shirts like that? It appears that are not on either the Reebok site or the CrossFit Reebok site. Anyone know?


wrote …

Great article. Good info. Thanks!


wrote …

Thanks...very good article! How many dynamic warm-ups should you do before a workout (In the video, you did several).

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