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Fix the Feet by Bob Takano - CrossFit Journal

Fix the Feet

By Bob Takano

In Olympic Lifts

April 04, 2012

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Bob Takano reviews foot placement when receiving the power snatch or power clean.

One very common problem that occurs in so many weight rooms is the excessively wide placement of the feet in the receiving position for the power snatch or power clean.

This is clearly improper for a number of reasons, and yet it is a common mistake many coaches apparently don’t know how to prevent.

This article is an attempt to explore the causes and of this tendency and the ways to prevent it. Hopefully, this will lead to a lot less of this ugly practice.

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5 Comments on “Fix the Feet”


wrote …

The interesting points of this article are almost too shallow. With that, I most certanly believe that watching yourself on video is x10 better than listening to someone tell you how to do it and x100 better than reading it. Although, I do and always will find it fisinating how some instructors create "tactics or ques" to get a proper form.


wrote …

Just a hypothesis on causes beyond habit: Wide placement of the feet may simply be a strategy to compensate for either poor balance as such or the perceived balancing effort involved in power moves? If so, teaching technique only will render only poor results until balance and perception are trained as well. It should be relatively easy to test if balance and jumping drills makes it easier for the athlete to adapt to a new landing position.


wrote …

I suggest anyone that does Olympic Lifting do the Burgener Warm Up.
Do this as your warm up EVERYDAY and you will start to form good habit patterns and muscle memory. Many do it with PVC, I like to use a 45# bar. Either way, it's a good addition to your warm up.

There are a lot of similar cues and techniques as this article. I also agree with the first post. Recording yourself and then reviewing it with a coach is the best way to learn.


wrote …

Thanks for the all helps.


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Great article on a typically over-complicated correction. Some things like this need/deserve to be put down on "paper," especially by great coaches. Thanks!

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