L-Sit Variations

By Julie Barnes Maurer

In Gymnastics/Tumbling, HD Videos

April 07, 2012

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Get ready for a quad burner as Julie Barnes Maurer teaches you how to work your way to a parallette L-sit good enough for your gymnast friends.

She begins by having athletes sit on the floor and squeeze their quads “so tight that maybe your heels come off the floor.”

Next is the tuck-hold position. While on the parallettes, the quads are parallel to the floor, the shins are perpendicular, and the toes are pointed down.

“We’re going to do this again, but we’re going to add a little bit more to our jar of suck,” Maurer says.

How does one accomplish this? A one-legged L-sit.

Maurer reminds the class to keep the shoulders back, lats engaged and chest up.

If you want to further impress your friends, be sure to practice around-the-worlds and windshield wipers.

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Additional reading: Parallette Training Part 1 by Roger Harrell, published Feb. 1, 2006.



8 Comments on “L-Sit Variations”


wrote …

Got some good tools from this one. Good video.


wrote …



wrote …

I'm a chicken hawk, and I'm gonna gets me a chicken.

Coach Julie is the real deal, and an excellent coach.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Good stuff, Julie!


wrote …


Great video. Clear and concise teaching on a simple Gymnastics element that continues to create problems for "CrossFit Land." You are the best!



wrote …

ok, ok, ok,

Julie - you are a treasure! You are so strong and smart! We do not deserve you! No seriously, we do not deserve you!

Kidding of course - although it pains me to say this - YOU ROCK! Keep up the good work and do not forget us when you become internet famous~! So wonderful having you as part of the CFG team!


Coach T

PS - well, i really have no PS...


wrote …

Wow great job. Seeing this only excites me to take that class and really get my butt kicked.


wrote …

I was at this Cert and Julie and Keith and Jessica were AMAZING!!! I learned so much from them and I am using their coaching methods for my clients today. Such a great and rewarding experience I must say! I hope to see them again in the future.

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