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“I’m so Glad Daddy Found CrossFit” by Angie Fontes - CrossFit Journal

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April 26, 2012

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Angie Fontes’ husband discovered CrossFit and inspired their family of six to lose a combined total of more than 185 lb.

On Oct. 6, 2011, we began our second Paleo challenge. I was determined to win this time. I spoke to my husband, and he was on board to bring the kids in 100 percent as well. We would be preparing 100 percent Paleo food for six people and even constructing CrossFit Kids WODs at home. We were focused and ready to make it a success.

Before the challenge, our oldest son was about 15 lb. overweight. Our 4-year-old daughter was at risk of being overweight. During the course of this Paleo challenge, our 4-year-old learned that McDonald’s is not good food. Our 13-year-old dropped 12 lb. and two pants sizes. Our 10-year-old took his lunch every day, knowing he was eating healthy even though classmates made fun of him. He lost 7 lb., and our 4-year-old lost 2 lb. She dropped from the 95th percentile for BMI to the 75th percentile. Our baby girl has had healthy checkups at each milestone for BMI.

The most heartwarming event from this Paleo challenge was a conversation I had with our oldest. He said, “Mommy, I’m so glad daddy found CrossFit. It really has changed all of us. Daddy isn’t angry anymore and you seem happier. I’m just really glad he found it.”

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4 Comments on “ “I’m so Glad Daddy Found CrossFit””


wrote …

This may be one of the greatest Crossfit Life articles yet. This really is a testament to the crossfit community and its positive power. You get out of crossfit whatever you want to put into it. You and your family really threw everything you had into it and now your getting amazing results. Congratulations and keep up the hard work. Hopefully i'll get more of my family involved in crossfit.


Gabriel Haas wrote …

Great article about a local family and box. Thanks for sharing!


wrote …

Angie/Scott: I joined Crossfit Journal just so I could make a comment. I am lucky enough to belong to the box that Angie and Scott workout at. Through the combined efforts of each other with motivation from Greg and the other trainers, you two have become so inspirational for so many people! Each time I see one of you walk into the gym when I'm struggling through a WOD it reminds me that hard work promises amazing results. Thanks for blogging so we could all benefit from your story!


wrote …

Very inspiring, thank you for sharing!

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