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Fight Training and CrossFit Regionals by Jason MacDonald - CrossFit Journal
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A little more than two weeks after he competes in the Canada West Regional as part of the team Pure Fitness Red Deer, Jason MacDonald will head to Virginia for a UFC fight.

The 36-year-old has been training as a mixed martial artist for 13 years.

“I fought a lot of tough guys, had a lot of fights,” MacDonald says. “Some of ’em went my way, some haven’t.”

Like CrossFit, MMA requires mental toughness, says the owner of CrossFit Red Deer North, CrossFit Level 1 Seminar trainer and father of four. He says he’s in the best shape of his life and is still getting stronger and faster. He worked so hard to prepare for the Reebok CrossFit Games Open that he feels he’s completely conditioned and ready for his next bout in the octagon.

“In life and in the ring, you’re going to fail. Really, what the true test is how you bounce back as an individual and how you bounce back as a fighter,” MacDonald says. “Are you going to let the bear get you, or are you going to get the bear?”

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5 Comments on “Fight Training and CrossFit Regionals”


wrote …

I always enjoy watching Jason fight...he leaves it all in the cage. My wife met him at her Level 1 recert and she couldn't say enough about what a nice guy and good instructor he was...and he's a good Albertan!

Good luck, both Regionals and UFC.


wrote …

I had the opportunity to meet Jason as a training seminar coach this weekend in Park City. He did a wonderful job making things clear, positive and motivating. He is an asset to the CF community. I hope he has continued success in the UFC world and appreciate his sharing his CF knowledge. Good luck in Virginia and Calgary!


wrote …

I had the good fortune to have Jason as one of my excellent Level 1 Cert. coaches out in Ann Arbor MI. What a great guy, and fantastic coach! I wish him luck in the upcoming CF Regionals as well as his last couple UFC fights.


wrote …

"You can quit, or you can bite down on your mouthpiece and get going". An excellent quote for my CrossFit quote collection from Jason MacDonald!


wrote …

Have been a big UFC fan, and enjoy watching Jason fight. As the newbie in Crossfit (less than a year), it been a great joy to see how crossfit has helped athletes in their sport excel, and take that last step in the pyramid. It really brings the whole reason why so many of us do Crossfit full cirle; well-being, fitness, health, and being able to to do the things in life that make us happy and enjoy our journey. Thanks Jason for sharing your story.

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