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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 2 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 2

By Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit, HD Videos, The CrossFit Life

April 17, 2012

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“Week 2: Ready to get my ass kicked.”

Gary Roberts knows it’s going to take work to reclaim his body and his fitness at Oceanside CrossFit, and he’s up for the challenge in Episode 2.

After experiencing new and amazing levels of soreness following a short chipper in his first week, Roberts is fired up for more workouts, and trainers Laura Patefield and Chris Sheets are happy to deliver.

At first, Roberts thought CrossFit was only about the CrossFit Games, where the world’s top athletes seemingly do the impossible.

“I didn’t realize there was a place for regular people. … I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a CrossFitter because I thought that was another level of athlete,” he explains. “But now I see that there’s something for everyone.”

Now Roberts is a CrossFitter himself, and he’s working hard to lose weight, become fitter and improve his CrossFit skills—and his life.

“Can I ever get there? I’m dying to find out,” he says.

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8 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 2”


wrote …

Really enjoying this series as I too, am that fat man who is just starting CrossFit. I'm 11 weeks in and I've totally drank the Kool-Aid and I get frustrated not being able to do things. It's nice to see a video like this with someone fighting through the scaled workouts like I am.


wrote …

This is so inspirational I'm about to go kill fat Byron right now


wrote …

Keep it up. Don't quit! Look forward to meeting you. I live in OC.


wrote …

Love you Gary!

You, like many of us in CrossFit, are just not getting fitter, but you're also fighting the dreaded inner demons. I'm there right with you brother. Having been diagnosed with three hidden disabilities, and having survived cancer, I know exactly what you're going through and am also trying to kill the fat man in me, and I'm far from fat. But I know that for each of us that nagging fat man or lady, is in the midst of redirecting thoughts that only hurt us. I call them "the Chunkies". That oppressive feeling of negativity...Well I'm chipping away at those "Chunkies" daily.

Thank you for putting yourself out there and being a beacon of light for those of us who have made the same decision as you. To be the better you. Keep moving!


wrote …

Awesome video, very inspiring. I'm three weeks into CrossFit and it rocks! Go get 'em Gary!


wrote …

I'm really enjoying this series. Keep it up, Gary! I hope we cross paths.


wrote …

Gary ^^^^^^^^ "Pat Sherwood" wants to meet you!! ^^^^^^^ Keep smashing the wod and dont lose count again!! LOL J/K bud if your not losing count now and then your not trying.


wrote …

Keep it up Gary. You have a big fan here.

I too am a former Marine and a former fat guy. At 47 I started CrossFit 10 months ago at 255. I could barely bend over to touch my toes. I struggled though the baseline test in something like 12 minutes, I left the box with my tail between my legs and was sore for 10 days. Today I can do the baseline in under 4 minutes and I weight 195. CrossFit with a strength bias is by far the best thing I've for myself in 25 years.

Good Luck. You're going to love this journey.
Todd Morgan
CrossFit High Voltage

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