Killing the Fat Man: Episode 3

By Sevan Matossian

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April 21, 2012

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For the past eight years, Gary Roberts says he’s been going through an identity crisis.

He’s contemplated suicide, gone to counseling to better his relationship with his teenage daughter and tied his happiness to his business.

“To me, what I see is the majority of people in the world have these big dreams and big thoughts, but rarely do people actually take the actions and get up and go do it,” he says.

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “If you think about doing push-ups”—Roberts is in his second week at Oceanside CrossFit and has worked out 10 times total.

“I’m feelin’ different,” he says. “CrossFit is opening up that window to my new life. I didn’t think it was possible.”

CrossFit, says Oceanside coach Gabriel Kessler, comes from within.

“What it comes down to is really who you are and what you want to be, what you want to do with your life, what you want to do with yourself,” he explains.

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14 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 3”


wrote …

Gary, catching up on some Journal videos and just finished watching parts 1-3. I'm at a loss for words. You are incredibly motivating and truly inspiration. Don't stop! I'm looking forward to watching the transformation.


wrote …

Love this series.


wrote …

This series is excellent.


wrote …

Your daughter is watching everything you do. Keep it up and continue to be the example.


wrote …

Gary your story is truly inspiring. I've lost 26 kilos of bodyfat through doing crossfit and eating paleo, so can identify with a lot of the things you say and your struggle. You are on the right path and can't wait to see you achieve your goals


wrote …

Pretty inspiring. Out of all the material I've watched, yours stands out with it's candid any courageous approach. I'm sure there's a lot of crossfiters like u, but you should be appreciated for putting it out there. Thanks.


wrote …


Since I joined CF in Sept I went from 22% bf to 9%! This works - it will chnage your life! Diet is also extremely important.


wrote …


You walk the walk while others talk.

You are a hero to a lot of us who began in the same or worse shape than you.

At 52, I came to Crossfit 40 pounds overweight, with high blood pressure, cholesterol.

Now, only 8 weeks later, I am a different man.

Keeping up with you is making the journey easier.


wrote …

I will resound: a wonderful series.

Over the past couple of years, I have come to know many people who CrossFit, but I have become somewhat of a snob as to who I will acknowledge as truly having the heart of a CrossFitter.

More than just the physical body that is produced -- is the indomitable human spirit that is breathed to life by CrossFit. The CrossFitter's heart is a beautiful collection of altruism, scientific processes, determination, pursuit of excellence, and desire to understand and promote the true meaning of life ... something that I have alluded to from the Bible's book of Ecclesiastes: to eat, drink, be merry, and to find joy in one's work.


wrote …

Gary keep up the GREAT work! Everyone has to start from somewhere and your are doing an amazing job.
People like you are what crossfit is truly about!


wrote …

Great series, looking forward to the next episode. I especially like the part when he talked about kids sports heroes changing from guys like Michael Jordan to guys like Rich Froning.


wrote …

From one old Marine to another..I couldn't be more proud of you.


wrote …

Hooked on this series now.


wrote …

When he was doing the wall balls and counted 8....9....F****in 10! that was so funny I had to pause the video and laugh for a min...this guy is real, he's funny, and he means business! Great Video Series!

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