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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 5 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 5

By Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit, HD Videos, The CrossFit Life

April 29, 2012

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Finally, we meet the wife.

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “Not all of us are going to eat like we are cavemen”—we hear from Gary Roberts’ wife about what life has been like since her husband started his CrossFit transformation.

It’s the beginning of Week 5 and the Mrs. is noticing a trend.

“The only thing we talk about now is diet and CrossFit,” she says. “And so I think for me that’s the part that’s the most difficult. I don’t want to wake up every morning and talk about Paleo Diet.”

Still, the wife adds she doesn’t recall the last time she saw her husband “this small” and notes a change in not just his physical being but also his mental state.

“There’s a drive there that I haven’t seen in a while,” she says.

Roberts confirms, saying the experience at Oceanside CrossFit has been life changing.

“I’m mentally ready to destroy the world, man.”

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18 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 5”


wrote …

I have so much respect for this guy. Here's a man who leaves his ego at the door, and kicks his butt everyday, and got bless him for putting up with that daughter of his.... But seriously, I feel like especially in this video, you can really see the change. You can see it in his eyes, versus the even the first episode, you can see the life thats lit up inside him. Keep Going Gary, you are really changing your life!


wrote …

I can remember driving everyone crazy about working out and diet. Now I just drive most people crazy. As crossfitters I can admit that we get preachy at times, but I think we all want everyone to have as much fun as we're having.


wrote …

Gary awesome job man, and you know it. I've lost a little over 70 lbs in 10 months doing Crossfit. Thank you for saying what so many of us feel inside. I was so sad depressed and was hoping for a heart attack or something bad to happen to me that what help me change. I was tired inside and lonely, relationship with my wife sucked as well as my 3 kids. You have shown courage by opening up to this communitie and this has helped me a lot since the first episode. It has never been about the wieght loss, although it feels good. It was about self worth and feeling like you fit back in the world. I to am learning how to be a better father figure, and husband that helps more and has a purpose and drive. We all have Crossfit heros, like Rich. But I want you to know that your one of mine Gary. It's not always about doing the most push ups or pull ups, you set an awesome example and that's enough for me. Thanks Gary, now I gotta go get some rest, cause I'm kicking a WODs ass at 5:30 am......


wrote …

Gosh, people just roll their eyes when they hear me talk about crossfit and diet stuff. As a track coach, the kids are always doing what his daughter did, trying to get me to eat bread and then eating it in front of me like that cupcake. I thought it was so ironic when his wife said towards the end "I'm hopeful", like he's the one who needs to figure stuff out. His smirk on the couch said it all, like, "you're hopeful? I got this shit down! I'm waiting for YOU to catch on baby."


wrote …

He needs to dump his wife, she is a negative in his life.


wrote …

I hope his wife gets on the train because it could get lonely at the station. Get on the healthy train Babe.


wrote …

People like to throw rocks at shiny things.
Keep shining and tune out the noise.


wrote …

Divorcing his wife because she's not into Crossfit seems pretty extreme. You can't blame her for getting annoyed and it's not like she isn't supporting him. She's stuck with him through depression and being overweight, now she'll get him when he's at his best. If he's truly committed he'll stick to Crossfit and a clean diet even if his family doesn't want to do it with him.


wrote …

Thanks for the candid look at your journey. It is inspiring. Thanks as well to your family for being willing to grant this honest look at your experience.


wrote …

haha, I definitely did not mean to dog on his wife! I just think it's crazy that he's changed his health and attitude so much, yet she's still skeptical (in this video).


replied to comment from Devin Jones

HAHA! So true!


wrote …

Hey Sevan Great job, I was wondering if you did a bio on Rich Froning Jr. like you did the other champions?


wrote …

Not that I'm Gary but I've come from the same deal as him..see comment 3. My wife and kids are the same way, it's been a year, over 70 lbs lost, went from a 44 waist to 36 waist, and from 38 %bf to 19%. I still have a little to go but when your family sees you try different things and when your stressed with family relationships, wife and kids people, yes even your wife can be a little skeptical. I've done local comps as well as strong man comps and my wife still is waiting for me to buckle and give in. This is not just a life change, and I can't speak for Gary, but it's a life saver. Listen to some of the comments, I'm mean really listen. When your life is jacked up and you don't know where to turn and even those who love you seem to be far away they are not. The old saying is put up or shut up.....Gary is now doing what he wants and on his terms and that shows a lot to his wife. For some Crossfit is the right thing at the right time and it saves your life. If you haven't been there it's hard to explain. When you haven't been hugged, or kissed or respected because of what you have become it sucks. When his wife is talking in the interview she notices the small things like Gary reading the labels and being more drivin to get stuff done and helping more around the house that's what matters. Most guys would give in, get divorced say it wasn't their fault, but not Gary. He does a nut check, gets himself back and gets back his relationship with his daughter. Dude, you rock I know it ain't easy brother but your doing it, in and out of the box. That's why Gary is one of my heros, because he puts up and hits it hard every day with his WODS and his life.


replied to comment from Richard Edwards

Awesome!!! I second that!!!!


wrote …

They need to put this man in jail. He didn't just kill the fat man... HE BRUTALLY MURDERED HIM. This is some moto ass shit Marine. Semper fi


wrote …

Good work! It is ruff stuff even with support, I have lost 80lbs. in 10 months but I have and extremely supportive wife and kids. Keep killing the fat man.


wrote …

Once you drink the Cool aid it's hard not to stop. you want everyone to experience what you do. I think if you can figure out how not to preach but just show what a difference this all makes he can influence his family. It has to be a slower process because people tend to resist change and some are scared to try. I hope it all works well for him and I think it will. He is a very positive guy and it's great that we get to experience this as he goes along. I hope they put all these webisodes together at the end and and give us stats too. Keep on truckin' Gary.


replied to comment from Devin Jones

Agreed - I'm pretty sure I drive everyone at work insane with my CF talk. But its the best thing I've found in a lot of years. Loving these videos - it's so inspiring to see normal people kick some serious ass and love it:)

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