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April 27, 2012

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When Laura Patefield first saw her brother doing CrossFit workouts in his garage, she wasn’t interested. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“I saw him working out and I thought he was insane, and I thought, ‘I want nothing to do with that.’”

That was the summer of 2006. Patefield was 38. Today, she’s the co-owner of Oceanside CrossFit in California.

“I was a content, stay-at-home mom,” she says. “But we just fell in love with CrossFit so much that we decided to make the jump.”

After being kicked out of two spaces because of the noise, Oceanside finally settled into its current space, where it has been for four years. But with CrossFit’s exponential growth, the affiliate will move soon.

“It’s hard. It’s challenging. I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s the best job ever,” Patefield says. “I’m coming in here, I get to do CrossFit, I get to teach people CrossFit.”

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4 Comments on “Laura Patefield: Stay-At-Home Mom to Box Owner”


wrote …

Its Gary Robert's Trainer!


wrote …

If I read between the lines correctly, it's possible that Gary Roberts filmed this. ("...people like yourself...")


wrote …

Awesome success story!


wrote …

I loved this video. As a fellow stay at home mom with a dream and now a path to opening an affiliate...Im terrified. I was filled with such motivation to keep going.

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