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Owen Franks’ Oly Training by Lee Attrill and Owen Franks - CrossFit Journal

Owen Franks’ Oly Training

By Lee Attrill and Owen Franks

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April 02, 2012

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Professional New Zealand rugby player Owen Franks dedicates a portion of his training to Olympic weightlifting. His coach: Lee Attrill of Weightlifting Canterbury.

“I like to train for sport, train for competitions and compete internationally at high levels,” says Attrill, a strength coach and former Olympic lifter.

In this video, Franks, who plays for the New Zealand All Blacks, begins his day with a 90-minute morning session of muscle cleans and pulls. He’ll return later in the day for a second session.

For the Olympic lifts, “You gotta have good posture and basically be put together correctly,” Owens explains. “You need timing, and you need to be able to think and be explosive.”

The training provides a huge strength base that lasts into your 30s, he adds.

At his facility, Attrill trains Owens and other rugby players not just for power and strength but also for fitness, he says, “so their bodies can take the knocks.”

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4 Comments on “Owen Franks’ Oly Training”


wrote …

When did the majority of the journal videos turn from the best information source out there to a super vancy camera move infotainment? Wasting my time and disc space... :(


wrote …

I thought this clip was really cool. In fact, I would like to see more workouts the "frank boys" do. - Almost like a "typical day" (shadowing type). And you know, why does it have to be just them? I highly suggest following multiple people around. I believe the results would defiantly be note-worthy.


wrote …

Not a waste of time for me at all. Good to see how elite athletes are using O lifting and crossfit in training for their sports. An interesting perspective. Probably best practise too. Frankly I think its pleasing that the film making standards have improved on the journal.


wrote …

Really enjoyed all of the Franks articles. As a rugby player myself I have been a crossfit convert for about 8 months now and really beginning to see the benefits. Olympic lifting is almost essential if you're going to play in the front row. Deadlifts, snatches, squats, cleans, etc should be the staple diet for forwards. Gone are the days where being a prop meant you're just the big fat lad. You need to be mobile nowadays. You have to have intensity, power and strength in abundance.

I'd like to see more sport specific articles like this so as to examine how crossfit, mixed with sporting technique can produce an all round better athlete.

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