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Q&A With Ben Bergeron by Ben Bergeron and Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

Q&A With Ben Bergeron

By Ben Bergeron and Pat Sherwood

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April 08, 2012

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CrossFit New England is home of the fittest team on the planet, veteran CrossFit Games competitor Heather Bergeron and 2010 50-plus masters champion Brian Curley. Needless to say, it’s a special place.

CrossFit HQ’s Pat Sherwood sits down with CFNE co-owner and head coach Ben Bergeron to talk about the secret in the sauce.

“We kind of go with the way they teach at the Level 1: living your life in couplets and triplets, going long and heavy once a week,” Bergeron says.

But there is some tweaking. With the box being so involved in the Games, Bergeron says he programs for CrossFit competition.

“Whether our regular members know that or not, they’re kind of going along for the ride,” he says. “It’s a big rallying point for us, so whether they’re going to the Games or not, they’re cheering for people that are.”

Bergeron adds: “We focus on competition. We’re a CrossFit club. If we were a running club, we’d want our members to sign up for a 5K. If we were a judo club, we’d want our members to sign up for a judo competition. … If you’re training with us, we expect you to compete.”

The former triathlete also talks about being asked to program for CrossFit legend Chris Spealler, who’s looking to qualify for his sixth straight CrossFit Games.

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Additional reading: There’s Something About CFNE by Andréa Maria Cecil, published July 26, 2011.

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2 Comments on “Q&A With Ben Bergeron”


wrote …

That's the best interview I have seen on crossFit Journal...Pat has hit all the right questions, as trainers we look at those issues each day, and wonder how does everyone else approach those issues. Ben was gracious enough to expand on all areas....trial and error, test and measure, athlete and trainer relationship, periodization duration (how far in advance)...very articulate! Thanks, it will be one of those interviews (videos) that is watchable a few times. GL


wrote …

Be ace if Ben would be willing to share his athlete assessment checklist!

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