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Just Squat by Greg Glassman and staff - CrossFit Journal

Just Squat

By Greg Glassman and staff

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April 22, 2012

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“Regardless of what the problem is, the answer is to squat.”

Those are the words of CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman.

“People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function, don’t have normal leg functional,” he says in this medley of clips paying homage to the movement. “They can’t jump, run, throw or punch correctly.”

As a fundamental movement, the squat is a building block to every other movement in CrossFit, says HQ trainer Pat Sherwood.

“Do this well and everything else you do will fall into place,” he explains. “Do this poorly and everything else is going to be a little challenging for you.”

Every part of the body must be engaged and tight in the squat, Sherwood notes.

“If you find yourself down in the bottom of the squat and you’re just kinda chillin’, you’re probably not squattin’ right,” he says.

For those feeling averse to the squat, Glassman has a simple question: “What is the preferred method for getting your ass off the toilet seat?”

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Additional reading: Foundations by Greg Glassman, published April 1, 2002.

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4 Comments on “Just Squat”


wrote …

I watch every video and like most of them.

However, I did not like this video.

The final quote, "regardless of what the problem is the answer is to squat" was separated from the beginning by so much high content material that the context was lost.

Therefore, I have no idea if coach means to refer to ...some class of problem?
It sounds like the squat solves ALL problems.

A silly but potentially sticky idea.



Joe Stephens wrote …

To the above, I think what coach was getting at here is the concept that to "rehab a problem is to actually rebuild" the rebuild of all physical human function beigns with the squat. Do this well and you are at the start of any true rehab/rebuild programmes.


wrote …

should be a free video! everyone needs to see this


wrote …

I found most videos are interesting and useful for me, but isn't this video free??

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