Strength of Character

By Josh Bunch

In Kids

April 09, 2012

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Seventeen-year-old Darby Nelson has a huge deadlift—and a heart to match.

Recall for a second your adolescent years spent navigating high school. Most of us were self-conscious, overly critical and paranoid to say the least. For many of us, self-doubt was typically a rite of passage on the way to adulthood.

Darby Nelson, on the other hand, lives by a very different code.

Nelson is a 17-year-old CrossFitter training at Hammer Down CrossFit in Fairfax, Va. She’s been doing CrossFit since august 2010 and trains three or four times a week in season and about six times a week when not competing. Regularly, Nelson is found training early in the morning while her classmates are still sleeping.

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6 Comments on “Strength of Character”


wrote …

This girl is legit! Had the pleasure of meeting her through a friend last fall and have enjoyed hearing about and following her progress and amazing accomplishments that truly show the drive and determination that this young athlete has and will cultivate for years to come! Keep it up Darby!


wrote …

Great article Josh, thanks for taking the time to write it.

While I am not Darby's coach, I have had the opportunity to coach her at several events and all that I can say is that this article barely scratches the surface as to speaking of the depth of her character. In short, it is in young men and young ladies like her that give me hope that all is not lost in us as a species, civilization and a culture. I wish that I could steal her away from the academy and groom her as a coach and athlete at CrossFit Agoge, but as a coach I know that I would be doing her a disservice as she is surely destined for greater things than maybe even she can dream of.

Keep it up Darby, we can't wait to see what you accomplish.



wrote …

Thanks John, and your correct, there is clearly much more to Darby than the pen can illustrate. She is an example the world would do well to know.


wrote …

Great article. Definitely awe-inspiring.


wrote …

Darby it has been great to watch you Competing at The Gauntlet. This is what I truly love about my job, watching teens that lay it all on the line for health and competition and just plain FUN! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the world. Train hard.


wrote …

I'm a big Darby fan! After she had hand rips at the Gauntlet in Carson she refused to sit out the next round. "I grew up looking up to the Martin boys, trying to be like them, never giving up. I can't quit; there might be some younger kid watching me today, watching to see what I'm going to do. I can't let her down."

How good is that?!

Nice job capturing the spirit of this special young woman, Josh.


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