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CrossFit Striking: Foundations by George Ryan - CrossFit Journal

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April 26, 2012

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Before any athletes throw a punch or kick, certain foundational elements need to be addressed, George Ryan says. The three elements: making a fist, stance and footwork.

Learning how to make a proper fist is important for people who have never thrown a punch, Ryan says. The stance should find the feet shoulder-width apart and the primary leg back about 12 inches, with the hips square toward the target. You should be on the balls of your feet with your chin down, he explains.

“It should feel very comfortable,” Ryan says. “You should feel like you can explode in any direction, 360 degrees.”

Finally, it’s footwork.

“Simplicity is the secret,” Ryan emphasizes.

If moving forward, the front foot will move first, quickly followed by the rear leg.

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Additional reading: Got Striking? by George Ryan, published Dec. 29, 2010.

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6 Comments on “CrossFit Striking: Foundations”


wrote …

Spot on!

Good job George and Neal.


wrote …

Great Video by Crossfit Striking. I got Crossfit Striking Certified last year. It's great to have these videos for review before my classes. Great job to George and Neal. Post MORE !


wrote …

Hello James and Eric!
Many Thanks for your kind words and support. I'm glad that you're enjoying the Striking videos. More to come!
Have a great day and Godspeed!


wrote …

Amazing, the footwork and stance is the same in Krav Maga! SWEET!


wrote …

Great points. Thanks for all the continued support and tips. I agree with Eric, I love having vids to check and focus on. Keep up the great work.


replied to comment from Mark Dong

Hello Mark and Dennis!
Many Thanks for the kind words.
Be Safe and Godspeed!

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