Cooking Baked Benedict

By Michele Vieux

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April 04, 2012

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Love eggs benedict but eating Paleo?

Michele Vieux has your solution with her baked benedict creation: in lieu of English muffins, portabella mushrooms filled with cage-free eggs and homemade Canadian bacon sprinkled with Bayou Cajun seasoning.

In Part 1, the CrossFit Invictus coach demonstrates how to make Canadian bacon at home to avoid the preservatives of the store-bought variety. Canadian bacon, Vieux says, is only one option. Substitute whatever you like to garnish your baked benedict, she says.

In Part 2, the former caterer shows would-be cooks how to prepare the portabella mushrooms to ensure their creation isn’t too watery or an unappetizing color.

After it’s assembled, baked benedict takes about 30 minutes in the oven.

“This is really easy to make,” she says. “They’re good in the fridge for like a week. They’re really great for on the go.”

To download the recipe for baked benedict, click here.

Video by Again Faster.

Part 1: 5min 50sec
Part 2: 7min 41sec

Additional reading: The Kitchen WOD by Nick Massie, published Nov. 2, 2011.



10 Comments on “Cooking Baked Benedict”


wrote …

nice change of pace.. i liked the explanation as to what IS Canadian bacon.. also a nice economizer for us who are trying to get a lot of protein, but stay on a budget somewhat.. I like that you can adjust your flavor profile of your Canadian bacon also this way.. you can make it spicier, more smoky, etc... it's your thang do what you like. I LOVE using liquid smoke... chaulk up another use.
I made the ham cups with eggs from a long time ago.. I love them as well... this is a nice twist on taht... I would think that a couple slivers of red bell peppers on top might jazz up the color and presentation.
Nice presentation.


wrote …

This is exactly the kind of cooking information I like! Quick and easy meals that don't cost a ton.

I like the feel of being in the kitchen with her, as opposed to watching a cooking show.

More Michele, please!


Gabriel Haas wrote …

Count me a fan.


wrote …

yeah i agree with everyone else. more nutrition-related videos and articles, please!


wrote …

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far! This is something I've wanted to do since I was a kid so I'm glad to see it is appreciated. Also, a big thanks to my camera guy, Ian, as well as those at CFHQ who gave me this opportunity and such a high quality product. I couldn't be happier! Anton, you have the right idea...make these recipes your own by giving them your own special tweaks. I'll continue to provide the guidelines and you provide the creativity!


wrote …

moar tays-tee fud pleez


wrote …

What was going on the plate at the end?


wrote …

Hey Travis, that was grilled pineapple. I actually made it for an upcoming episode so stay tuned! Also, the PDF of this recipe should be up within the next couple of hours so check back for that.


wrote …

ok I am a fan :-)

Good looking crossfitter that can cook, yep that works for me


wrote …

Da__ Good!

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