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“I Didn’t Expect The Community” by James Bondi - CrossFit Journal

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May 29, 2012

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One Thursday night, Penn State graduate student James Bondi was watching TNT basketball. Former NBA stars Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were arguing over Insanity vs. CrossFit workouts.

“So they were just going back and forth about how one was better than the other,” Bondi recalls. “I guess Charles Barkley is the reason why I started, in a weird way.”

And so Bondi’s journey began at CrossFit Nittany in State College, Pa.

At that point, he stopped smoking—a habit he had maintained for more than 10 years—and started eating Paleo. Bondi went from barely being able to complete the first mile run of Murph without wanting to die to being on a team that completed an ultra-marathon.

“I guess one of the biggest things I was surprised about when I came to … CrossFit here was the atmosphere,” he says. “I didn’t expect the community that I was going to get from it.”

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3 Comments on ““I Didn’t Expect The Community””


Nigel Gordijk wrote …

As always, it's great to hear how CrossFit has improved people's lives, but please, can we lose the music in these videos? It's irritating and distracting. These are testimonials from "real" people, rather than accomplished athletes, so there's no need to jazz it up.


wrote …

Great interview James! On your advice Your sister Christina trains at my Box CrossFit Tuff Luv,here in Sunnyvale CA. its been about 10 months now and she is a BadAss on the Bar Bell lifts. No hand stand push ups yet. but I guees we'll start making that happen. Best of luck when you come out here to the West Coast, come by and Throw Down with your Sis sometime! John Cooper CrossFit Tuff Luv


wrote …

Nice shout out to CrossFit Nittany! I dropped in a month ago for WOD-definitely a great community!

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