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May 14, 2012

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In 2005, Bryan St. Andrews helped found one of the earliest CrossFit affiliates, CrossFit SouthWest, in Tempe, Ariz., not far from Arizona State University. Five years later, he moved back to his hometown and opened CrossFit Nittany near Penn State University.

“Demographically, State College made a lot of sense,” he says of the college town in Pennsylvania. The town has a population of roughly 40,000, but you need much less than that to make a box work, St. Andrews adds.

“If you know what you’re doing, 100 people will follow you.”

In this video, we hear members’ CrossFit stories—from college students to a mom and a retired firefighter.

“The best part of it would be that the community just kind of becomes more united by their interests,” St. Andrews says. “They’re united more by what they have in common—and that’s just that they’re working out and trying to work hard, and they enjoy it and they’re having fun.”

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8 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit Nittany”


wrote …

Hey Brian,

Just wanted to congratulate you on opening and maintaining a successful box. I actually work with you at equifirst when you were here in phoenix. glad to see your doing well. I found crossfit about 6 months ago and its been an awesome experience so far.

Cody Sorells


wrote …

Congratulations bro and that's awesome that your able to do on a daily basis something you love.


wrote …

Hey Brian,

I am soon to be a certefied crossfit coach.Its great how you put together your box. I am trying to do the same here in Santiago, Chile.(south america)

the best of luck to you all

Oscar Fuchslocher


wrote …

Looks like you have something really exciting going on there!! I am a huge Penn State fan so this was cool to see. Love how you have your pull up bars set up, how did you anchor the 4x4's into concrete?? seems like it would be a money saver instead of buying a wall mount or rig.


wrote …

Yeah Bryan! Great hanging out with you at the kids cert in Reston! Congrats on the community you have built!! Awesome stuff!


wrote …

Typo alert! "onwer" instead of "owner" at 0:10


wrote …

Hey Brian,

I run a box in Rochester NY. My daughter will be attending Penn State this summer and I want her to come to your box. It looks like you have a great community there. I look forward to meeting you.


wrote …

@ Michael,

Our pullup rig is bolted into the concrete with huge concrete screws. I hired a contractor to build it (if not overbuild it)... glad you enjoy them and we like the look of them too. We also have Rogue wall mount pullup bars opposite those that are even more cost effective. Thanks again and any questions I'll gladly help you... email at

@ Adam,

Thanks for the kind words and we have two other affiliates kids here as well. I like to think we do a good job by them. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter. Best wishes.

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