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May 18, 2012

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It’s time for another mouth-watering recipe by CrossFit Invictus coach and kitchen guru Michele Vieux.

Today’s dish: smothered pork tenderloin.

First she cuts the pork into medallions, which she flattens with a rolling pin. Next, she browns the meat in a pan with bacon grease. Cooks who like to experiment can try similar methods with chicken or steak, she notes.

While the pork cooks, Vieux prepares a flour-free sauce of portabella mushrooms, onions, garlic and beef broth. When all is said and done, she serves the pork over water cress.

“The wilted salad hasn’t made an appearance as much as it should in people’s recipes,” she says. “Really easy way to get a whole bunch of water cress into one meal, a whole bunch of greens.”

At the end, Invictus friend Heidi Fearon shows up for a taste test that gets a thumbs up.

“It’s delicious,” she says. “Are you kidding me? That’s amazing.”

To download the recipe for smothered pork tenderloin, click here.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 218 by Justin Judkins, published April 4, 2012.



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wrote …

Okay, massive food poisoning alert! After handling the pork, she went touching everything else in the kitchen - salt and pepper shakers, knives, cupboard handles... What else didn't she infect! It was a beautiful recipe, and an amazing kitchen. But I'm surprised she hasn't gotten salmonella enough times to know to wash hands after handling raw meat!

Maybe she just forgot, and she was going too fast because she had to poop!

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