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Weight Loss and Competitive Shooting by Cory Magers - CrossFit Journal

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May 31, 2012

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As a competitive shooter, Cory Magers wanted to get faster. But at more than 400 lb., that was difficult.

At his U.S. Practical Shooting Association club, he happened to run into someone who could help.

“One of the people in the club—Dave Castro—started shooting with us, and I couldn’t believe how fast he was,” Magers says of the CrossFit Director of Training. Magers started at Oceanside CrossFit upon Castro’s recommendation.

“When I first came here, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do well,” he explains. “I couldn’t hold a plank well, and I think the biggest thing that I’ve been able to do is do a good squat. Since I’ve been able to do that, I’ve been able to do a lot more.”

Thus far, Magers has lost 35 lb.

“I have a long, long, long way to go, but this is very encouraging,” he says. “ And the more I do it—both Paleo and CrossFit—the more I’m motivated to keep with it.”

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11 Comments on “Weight Loss and Competitive Shooting”


wrote …

Who says crossfit and shooting don't go together!? Keep up the good work Cory. Very impressive!


wrote …

Gary Roberts behind the camera--awesome!


wrote …

Great job on the video Gary!

I have an update as well, since this video I'm down another 45lbs and recently won my division at a major match and last week placed high overall at a local match for the first time. Crossfit is definitely an awesome way to improve your shooting scores.


Susan Parkhurst wrote …

Corey has made incredible progress! Along with Gary, he inspires and motivates every one of us at OCF daily!!
We are blessed to have such an incredible family!
Oh and by the way... Corey is killing his Olympic lifting as well!!


wrote …

I think he just called Dave Castro out? Haha
Get on his level, just sayin.

Good work Corey, keep it up!


wrote …

Great job man, keep at it and continue to watch the pounds fly!


wrote …

Awesome Cory! Don't stop moving!


wrote …

Oceanside CrossFit making it happen! Corey your drive is inspiring. Way to go!


wrote …

Inspiring, Cory! You've got some good goals and a good community.


wrote …

Cory, you are aqn inspiration. I think I'll add shooting to my program. Never stop moving.


wrote …

Inspiring stuff, Cory!

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