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By Meghan Russell

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May 26, 2012

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CrossFit Jax was once an “underground, dirty garage gym,” explains co-owner Meghan Russell. Today, it’s a 5,500-square-foot affiliate with barbells and bumper plates to spare.

The Atlantic Beach, Fla., gym affiliated in December 2007. Today, both Russell and her husband, Chris, are Level 2 trainers. Chris is a member of CrossFit’s Seminar Staff.

Still known as “The Hot Box” from its former days, CrossFit Jax is now in a space that used to be home to a pool hall with an upstairs VIP lounge. That lounge is now the coaches’ office. For nearly two years, Meghan has been mostly running the box by herself while her husband serves time in the Navy in Virginia Beach.

“We just decided that the experience we had had up until that point through CF Jax had been way too impactful to walk away from,” Russell explains. “But when I think about what my life would be like without CF Jax and without all of these avenues and opportunities to effect and change other people’s lives, I don’t really know if I could handle … not having that in my life.”

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7 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit Jax”


wrote …

I'm in a similar situation as Meghan, my wife lives in Kings Bay, Ga and I have been living in Charleston SC for two years now finishing my degree for my commission in the Navy. I have seen my wife and son on rare weekends these past two years and the challenges of achieving a dream can be overwhelming. I hope to be stationed in Jacksonville again in December so I can see what Meghan and her Geo-Bach husband have worked so hard to build. Outstanding video, the gym looks great, and as always, I certainly respect and admire the work and courage it takes for the "military mom/wife" to accomplish everything she has. Hope to see you guys within the next 6 months!


wrote …

Meg and Chris; keep going, keep growing. Nice Job.


wrote …

The ORIGINAL 27 Edgar St. CrossFit brick layers in No particular order...

Chris Russell

MIke Solista

Turbo J. Aka. "The Commodore"

Justin Bergh


The ORIGINAL CrossFit Ninja of North Florida TJ Cooper!!

Thank You for paving the way!


wrote …

What's up, Ben. Thanks for commenting!

For historical accuracy, the OG crew that opened the doors were:
Myself & Meghan
Mike Solis
Derek Ray

TJ & Alan/Faith helped us move and break in the walls, so to speak. TJ has been instrumental to this day with our box and for that, we are thankful. JB showed up 4-5 months after we opened and Turbo, a year after.


replied to comment from Jonathan Gosselin

Thanks, Jonathan. We look forward to hearing/seeing you soon. Be sure to stop in for a workout when you are in town!


wrote …

Rus!!! wut up Dude!

Thank You for clearing that up...

The community is GROWING every single day and the historical significance should never become water downed. You All were some of the First In and the North Florida community looks up to you guys.


wrote …

Meghan, As a long time coach I have recently made to move to open my own box in Del Mar Ca. Great story of commitment and a sacrifice from you and your husband to make it all work and setting up your future together. Your gym now looks very clean and professional and I am sure will translate to great success in the future.

Thanks for sharing,

Dan @ Crossfit 2120

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