How We Teach

By Jeff Martin

In Kids

May 21, 2012

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Coaching children requires different vocabulary and delivery. Jeff Martin explains.

People come to CrossFit from many backgrounds.

Often, everything about CrossFit is new and, if we are honest, learning the simplest things is often comical as we move toward mastery of the movements. Similarly, CrossFit trainers frequently have varied backgrounds and must learn skills on the job. Often, they don’t have a defined way of teaching and can go about it haphazardly. This can be disastrous when working with children. Not only will the information not transfer effectively, but if the method of transmission is not efficient, one will not hold the attention of the kids.

At CrossFit Kids, we have a clearly defined way to teach that has been proven effective and efficient. We begin with a demonstration of the movement from different angles at full speed. After demonstrating the movement, we explain it. Explaining the movement isn’t just about hitting the points of performance, though that is critically important; it’s also about providing a reason why kids should want to do the movement.

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wrote …

On point as always! :)


wrote …

Love it! Can't wait to focus on the finishing point during instruction. I see it fixing a lot of my athlete problems

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