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Things run a little differently at the affiliate of reigning CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir.

There is a warm-up area where coaches walk clients through the movements, then technique time is followed by a workout every 10 minutes or so.

“So you can kind of show up at your own time,” Thorisdottir says of how things work at CrossFit Reykjavik in her native Iceland.

“In this set-up, I can pretty much help everybody … at what they need,” she explains.

Plus, the structure emphasizes technique, which Thorisdottir says is important.

“I’m pretty relaxed. I get really excited for people, though, when they’re trying to get something for the first time,” she says. “I kind of don’t want them to stop until they get it.”

Performing a movement correctly the first time is better than simply trying to do it haphazardly and only getting 1 rep, Thorisdottir says.

“I put a lot of energy into trying to get people to do it in as good (a) way as possible,” she says.

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8 Comments on “Inside Annie Thorisdottir's CrossFit Reykjavik”


wrote …

Annie is on to something. As a fifty-two year old Crossfit beginner (ten weeks), I am the last to finish the WODs and know my technique disintegrates over the course of the workout as the main body of the class pushes on with breakneck speed.

I am in a constant state of conflict as to whether to try and run with the herd or take my time and do the work right. Throw in the variable of not really knowing on any precise level what weights are actually giving me the best chance to improve, and desperation ensues.

The coaches are great, but there is no way they can really hone in on every client's specific needs during a group WOD.


wrote …

HIGHLY motivating!


wrote …

Having a seperate area and coach for the warm-up, skill work and WOD is billiant idea.


wrote …

I could watch her talk for hours.


wrote …

Just one more reason why she is on top. I am definitely an Annie fan!


wrote …

my god i love this woman...annie if your reading this im here..and im waiting :D lmao awesome vid tho, its so cool seeing how different boxes are ran.


wrote …

she inspires me so much everyday


wrote …

I could totally justify spending the money to fly from here to Iceland to go to CrossFit Reykjavik just to do a WOD in that gym so she can yell at me in Icelandic.

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