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It’s Mom’s Turn by Julie Olson - CrossFit Journal

It’s Mom’s Turn

By Julie Olson

In The CrossFit Life

May 03, 2012

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For the last eight years, Julie Olson put everyone else’s needs first. Then she found CrossFit—and herself.

I’m not a CrossFit trainer, a competitive runner, or even an accomplished athlete. I am a suburban mom of three little kids who has spent the last eight years putting everyone else first, who wolfed down Lean Cuisines at the kitchen counter at 8:30 at night, who guzzled Diet Cokes and who thought, “I know I should work out, but I’m tired, it’s too expensive and I just don’t have time.”

I’m a 39-year-old woman who is slowly but surely making some pretty life-changing discoveries about myself, my views about fitness and nutrition, and the future I want for myself and my family.

CrossFit has profoundly and irreversibly altered my life, and I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Marcela Perea of CrossFit 100 by MPower Total Fitness in Glendale, Wis.

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wrote …

I think this is a great article. I'm so proud to be part of a community of support and assistance to others. competition should be more internal. If you do the best you can do, then you can walk away a winner no matter the score. We all have battles, and things that are easier and harder for us. For some of us a pullup is easy, for some it's a lifetime accomplishment and freedom from a life of self established limits. For most of us the mental side of Crosfit is the real benefit to show us that we are indeed capable of more... always more, in almost everything we do, in every capacity. This is a beautyful story and I wish Julie only the best and thank her trainer, Marcela, for being such a good trainer and a good motivater, friend and ambasador for Crossfit. I had recently had a conversation with my sister in law, who lives near a CF in her town. I mentioned to her she should try it, and she said she had gone to a class and it was all too above her, and that the trainer did not really show her how to modify the movements etc. for her skill level, etc. I was embarassed and told her that that was an exception to the rule and please not to think that's what CF is about.
I tell everyone that although I try to tackle all the WODs as Rx and with a lot of gusto, that this is for EVERYONE, and that by scaling the WOD to your level we should all walk away with our buts kicked each time and each of us improving outselves. If we help others, we're also helping ourselves. Helping someone else does not lessen yourself, quite the opposite.
Thanks for this article,
Anton Gross


wrote …

HIGHLY motivating. Thank you for sharing!


wrote …

way to go Julie - you will be a better mom for it & your kids will be proud of you -cpg


wrote …

Yeah, JULIE! As a 51 year-old, I'm in the same boat and have been doing CrossFit for about six months. It has changed my life in ways that are incredible. I'm still very much a novice, but getting stronger, combined with the awesome culture, is addicting. We're proud of you!


wrote …

Julie, You ROCK!!!
I can't seem to get many of my friends to believe in themselves to try crossFit and we are a lot like you. So I am posting this to my FB to, hopefully, have them read about your success and know that they can do it, too. Thank you for being inspiration for me.


wrote …

You, your spirit and attitude, and the scores of others like you are one of the primary reasons that CrossFit thrives.
Thank you for sharing your story.


wrote …

That was a great read, thank you!

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