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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 10 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 10

By Sevan Matossian

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Gary Roberts has reached the turning point familiar to so many CrossFitters: He’s completing the Level 1 Trainer Course.

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “I found myself again”—our hero is in Oahu, Hawaii, for the seminar.

Before starting CrossFit three months ago, Roberts says he never would have thought he’d “be this interested in mastering my fitness and what my personal capabilities are.”

He adds: “I’ve never been this excited about fitness. I don’t know what’s going on.”

At CrossFit Oahu, he meets HQ trainers Miranda Oldroyd and Todd Widman.

“I feel like in three months I’ve been given a puzzle piece here and there but still kind of not understood the full picture,” he says. “I already know how I’m going to apply something during the Fran that I didn’t know yesterday.”

After the brutality that is Fran, Roberts is ready for more.

“I just know that no matter what gains I’ve made in the last three months, this is only Chapter 1 of a 100-chapter book,” he says. “I’ve only begun to tap into my … unlimited potential.”

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33 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 10”


wrote …

The SD Windows version ends abruptly mid-video just after 7 minutes.


wrote …

I experienced the same thing.


wrote …



wrote …

Photo with Miranda = much jealousy here.


wrote …

great stuff!


wrote …



wrote …

Gary, your motivation and love for CrossFit is inspirational! Keep spreading the word. People across the spectrum of fitness can learn something from watching and listening to you.

Keep it up! I hope your father has managed to stick with the program too!


wrote …

"He just got hit by Fran"


wrote …

Great Stuff! but what's with the ROTN shirt in every video?


wrote …

WTF izzat on his knee?!


wrote …

WTF izzat on his knee?!


wrote …

You have inspired several people at my box. We have started a paleo contest and we announce our winners after the final wods on Saturday June 30. Would you be interested in coming our to Phoenix to MC the event? I know you have touched several lives and their success will soon touch many others. We are 2 weeks in the the challenge and one of our guys has already lost 14 pounds. He has watched all 10 of your episodes at least twice. Our challenge is small but we know big things are already happening. Thanks for being so open and honest in your filming. I can be contacted easily
Keven@crossfit or 623-764-6716


wrote …

Are there any more episodes in the works???


wrote …

I thought this was a 16 week journey? Where are the rest of the episodes? Don't leave us hanging.


wrote …

Gary you are the motherfucking Man!


wrote …

We want to see how this ends! When will new episodes be up??


wrote …

Yeah, don't keep us waiting, bring on the new episodes! Did Gary re-lapse or something, and ya'll needed a month-long buffer to get him back in shape?


wrote …

I'm with the others above...we've come to expect our near weekly fixes...when's the next one coming out?


wrote …

I'm with every one. Where is the next episode.


wrote …



wrote …

Has someone really killed the fat man? ...... to be continued??? apparently not
missing being part of your journey Gary


wrote …

I look each day to see if the next episode is available, they have been great so far and I look forward to the next one. Gary, you have done so well to stay motivated and not get injured. The change in your body shape and attitude have been remarkable. You have been really honest and open with your personal issues. As a 40 year old married man with children and a busy job, I know how hard it is to strike a balance and keep it all together. Keep up the inspirational work mate.


wrote …

Sure would be nice to give us an update on when the next one is coming out. Great work Gary!!


wrote …

Love the videos! Great team with Gary & Sevan! Very helpful and inspiring. But I need closure...I hope this isn't shaping up to end like "Lost"


wrote …

Hey Gary we are in New Zealand watching your videos they have been awsome and have looked forward each week to the new episode hope everything is all good cant wait for the rest of them.

Good Luck Aldon


wrote …

Love the video... Gary is such an inspiration. This is a real life situation that a lot of people go through with fitness and marriage. It doesn't matter what other people say about the video, I think it is a true reflection on one aspect of the life.

I think someone from the Journal or in charge of this video’s editing should respond and let us know if there will be more episodes being published later. It is okay if there won’t be anymore episodes in the future, however, at least let us know so we don't have to keep checking back.


wrote …

hi Guys!! thanks for all of the positive comments!! It has been an amazing experience to be a part of CF. Cliche phrases can only be used..Changed life forever because of CF and the community. I am still plans on going anywhere soon. The community at my box has made it possible to stick with it and stay motivated! My dad is doing great and hope to be able to share some more details soon! Thanks again! Sincerely, Gary Roberts


wrote …

Is there going to be an episode 11 or was 10 an undeclared series finale? There was regular content output than an abrupt stop....


wrote …

Great job fella. Todd is a Dude!


wrote …

Great job fella. Todd is a Dude!


wrote …

Regionals and Games sidetracked things for a few months but there should be another one


wrote …

Anything on episode 11 yet? Been searching and waiting for this for awhile now. At least wrap it up with an interview or something. Common HQ!!! We are all anxious! He has come so far and has inspired, I am sure, so many people. Good job Gary!


wrote …


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