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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 7 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 7

By Sevan Matossian

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It’s about to get real.

In episode 7 of Killing the Fat Man—called “it was a very sexy experience”—Gary Roberts divulges how his new body is affecting bedroom time with his wife.

“I will say as a fat dude trying to have sex is like a sumo wrestler trying to dance in a china shop,” he jokingly says. “It’s not very pretty and things are gettin’ broken.”

He also talks about looking at himself naked.

Roberts is approaching two months at Oceanside CrossFit, where he’s been participating in the 30-day Paleo challenge for four weeks.

Now he wants to get his overweight, 67-year-old father in on the action.

“I know he can make a change, just like me,” Roberts says.

Coach Chris Sheets says Roberts keeps getting stronger and his movements are “solid.”

“He comes in, puts 110 percent in every single time,” he says. “And you can see: he has just made huge strides.”

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12 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 7”


wrote …

Watching these episodes is what made decide to sign up for Crossfit. I start the On Ramp program in about a month. You are quite an inspiration. Keep it up buddy


wrote …

I have a lot of admiration for Gary, because he is so brutally honest, especially about himself, and that is one of the hardest things anyone can do. I know many people who won't ever admit their weaknesses, or rationalize away their shortcomings. It's a rare kind of moral courage that Gary has. I can watch him progress in his journey, and pull for him every step of the way. The people who have Gary in their lives are very lucky.


michael william wrote …

Inspirational stuff and something I will be recommending that people read. Keep up the good work.

Mike @ Get Fit Online


wrote …

I agree with Michael Cain. Gary's honesty is truly amazing. No way I could do that. But it's exactly what a series like this needs in its subject. A look on the inside and the outside. Excellent work by all involved.

Additionally, Gary is the 2nd funniest guy ever featured in the Journal. If he can keep it up he just might challenge Dave Lipson for the title.


wrote …

Great job Gary!!!! Keep it up man, I am so happy to see you work so hard in and out of the box!!!! It's awesome that we get to see the inside story of how the mind, and heart feel...right on man. This is why your one of my Crossfit heros Gary!!! Keep rockin man!!!!


wrote …

My compliments to Gary and his coaches. It's quite a task to turn a person's world completely upside-down, with great results and no injuries.

Please explain how your L1, L2 system works.

Thank you!


wrote …

Gary you're our hero :-) Keep it up buddy you're amazing !


wrote …

I really cant get enough of these videos. I look forward to each one. Thanks Gary.


Jessica Ghigo wrote …

I admire the honesty of this person. Not everyone has the courage to do that. I must congratulate Gary For an awesome transformation and keep up the great work.



wrote …

I love this series. Gary, you are awesome and inspiring. You keep struggling to define CrossFit when the answer is closer than you think. You are CrossFit.

It looks like Oceanside CrossFit is a fun gym and does things right. I would love to pop in their next time I find myself in SD.


wrote …

Thank you for letting me inside of your world Gary. I have a couple over 250# clients and they are not as tall as you, but this has helped me see into their world. I had to bust out "Fran" this morning to burn off the extra motivation that spilled over from this video!


wrote …

Guts! It takes true guts to make the decision to change your life. It takes even more guts to stick with it. And then to do it on an open channel for the whole world to see! Wow! Thank you for having the guts to do this. I have no doubt that every pound you burn off is multiplied a thousand fold in inspired people just like you who hit the WODs because of you. It takes guts. Keep up the good work and thank you for the inspiration. (when you did your pushups, I dropped with you and then kept going ;) )

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