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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 9 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 9

By Sevan Matossian

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Nearly 50 workouts later, Gary Roberts has gone from being focused on his weight loss to being focused on general healthy living.

“Now I’m (going) to concentrate on improving my fitness—not necessarily worried about fat,” he says.

In this episode of the Killing the Fat Man—called “we’ve had more sex in the past 7 days then we have had in the past 2 years”—Roberts is once again talking about bedroom time with his wife.

“She’s now spent the last seven days jumping my bones,” he says. “She’s been acting like I’ve never seen her before. Never. Not even in the early days.”

Roberts also reaches a milestone in his CrossFit career: getting the opportunity to redo his first WOD. When he started CrossFit, the workout took him nearly 10 minutes and the pull-ups were band assisted. This time—as his wife looks on—he knocks out the WOD in 4:31.

“I tried to talk to her about what CrossFit is, what it feels like and … you can describe it all you want, but until you actually see someone gettin’ busted and cracked down and (being) as intense as possible (you don’t understand),” Roberts says.

For his wife’s part, she notes how coordinated her husband has become.

“It’s kind of crazy to watch,” she says.

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19 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 9”


wrote …

This series has been a wonderful source of inspiration. I can personally relate to almost every aspect.


wrote …

Great job keep up the good work. Just think that it seems like your happy now that you are were you are striving to be, so your wife is taking the back seat to your current successes. If the problems were always there from years and years ago why didn't you work on them then? They were an issue when you were more heavy set but were not as important because she stuck by your side? But now you can see more clearly and now the issues have to get resolved ? Don't know what to say?? Your accomplishments are great and more power to you great series and wish you the best.


wrote …

Great Episode, great series for that matter. I have to say my heart went out to your wife, and her truthful account of the effect your transformation has made on her and the family.
All the best to all of you.


Matt Hanson wrote …

Most inspiring reality show I've seen - scarily frank but positively revitalizing. The way this series illustrates the mental transformation that follows from the physical changes is important, and I am sure Gary and his family's frankness will galvanise many others.

Gary - your bravery in being so candid and putting it all 'out there' is a service to the community (although I could do with less commentary on the sex, and more on the other life aspects to balance things out!). Disruption is inevitable with change, and I hope you and your family keep making the changes that keep you all true and happy. Keep up with the series, I am hooked…


wrote …

@ Matt. Great description "scarily frank".

It is always great to see someone turn from the dark to the light. Crossfit as certainly helped Gary make this transformation and done a great job of documenting it (although I could do with a little less of Gary's "doable" candidness).

Fantastic story Gary. Fantastic documentary Sevan. Congrats to you both.


wrote …

This is just wonderful. Gary you are one of a kind!


wrote …

What a transformation! Thank you Gary and Sevan.

"IMA CHANGE MY LIFE!" Gary, you HAVE a new life! You ARE a different guy than that negative asshole fat man, so why should you have the problems he was creating for himself? Quit over-analyzing!

Keep creating your new life. I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of interesting new problems from being the positive, motivated, proud, fit, sexy bad ass husband, father and entreprenuer you are now. Like how to help more of your family and friends change their lives with CrossFit.


wrote …

what's going to happen when Gary starts getting wrinkles, does he become "undoable" again or is botox and plastic surgery the ticket to becoming doable again?


wrote …

THis is a hilarious series... Gary is a funny dude.."I WOULDN'T HIT THAT EITHER!" HAHA (in reference to a video of him as a fat guy).


wrote …

Gary has undergone a huge physical change, but it's more than that, he has a new outlook on life. We all know that it is nice to look good, but personality and attitude go much farther in the long run. Gary has re-engaged with his wife. I think that he has become a better husband, and his wife is responding to that. It goes to show that you can revive and reinvigorate just about anything if you make an honest effort.

This transformation of Gary is more than skin deep, and it's great to see.


wrote …

I am really enjoying this series, and was interested in showing it to my wife to hopefully give her something to think about in regards to improving fitness and not making the "only priority" losing weight.

But the past two episodes have saddened me somewhat. Gary's wife is showing him the affection that has been missing and he is blaming her for doing so, or at least questioning why it coming his way. I don't understand that. I hope he isn't using the past lack of affection / interest; or the fact his wife and daughter didn't immediately jump onto the Crossfit bandwagon as an out for his relationship. I really felt sorry for his wife during her interview when it showed Gary's faces and comments he was making "we spoke about that" while shaking his head.

Some of these episodes are starting to show Gary becoming the "Crossfit Elitist" that a lot of non Crossfitters cringe away from and suggest Crossfit is some sort of cult (I have read that in numerous comments / blogs, which of course is absolutely ludacris).

Just my humble opinion as someone who really likes Crossfit, but won't force it on them like an salesperson.


wrote …

I have anxiously awaited every episode of this series. Gary, you have done an amazing transformation of your life. Your enthusiasm is contagious. BUT listen, your were a very fat guy who hated himself and that takes its toll on those you love. I know, I was there too. You should cut your wife some slack, she tolerated the person you now despise "The Fat Man" and she never left. Sure there were and are problems, every marriage has them. BUT MAN, you are rediscovering a passionate connection with your wife and that is priceless. No, it has not solved all the problems of your marriage but it has made things much better, and that like your Crossfit/Paleo transformation has made you a stronger more confident man.

Just don't forget those who loved you even at your worst now that you are at your best.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to your film on Cory.


replied to comment from Frank Muraca

I totally agree with: "Just don't forget those who loved you even at your worst now that you are at your best."

I've loved every single episode in the series, and I think what Gary did was incredibly inspiring and great. However, this episode saddened me somewhat to see so much resentment and anger in him towards his wife, and little self-reflection about who he was before this transformation. It seems like he has forgotten all the things he said in the first few episodes about being an angry man, having fights with his daughter, feeling exhausted and drained, feeling ashamed and embarrassed about his secretive eating and so on. From what he said, it sounded like he hated who he was, and was out to prove that crossfit/a fitness lifestyle could change his life.

And change his life it did - yet this episode seems to show us that he now doesn't believe that it could change his life that much, especially in terms of his relationship with his wife. He's not listening to anything she's saying about him being a different PERSON now, not just someone who looks drastically different. And I think she's got a great point - how you look strongly influences who you are. We all know that. This video however just looked like him attacking her, mocking her, and making side snide comments to the camera, which I cringed at each time. She clearly has loved him even when he was at his worst, yet now that he's left all that behind, he's already moved on and forgotten, and seems to carry a sense of bitter entitlement.

I love the series, and hopefully the following episodes will show him internalizing the transformation and having more self-awareness and reflectiveness. He shouldn't forget where he came from now that he's all dope.


wrote …

This stuff is real and I appreciate every bit of raw honesty. If there is one thing I have learned during my time on this planet it's that I don't have the right to judge, critique, or analyse someone else's life.

Best of luck to you, Gary.


wrote …

Inspiring! The piece that is hinted at and talked around is Gary's change in his mental and emotional well being. It's been my experience that when a person is at peace with himself and is emotionally and mentally grounded, the attractiveness factor goes up by an order of magnitude. These are two of the most important, in my opinion, ancillary benefits of CrossFit! It is awe inspiring to see that change in Gary!


wrote …

This is some real stuff. I love the candor. If he were to curb his enthusiasm, it wouldn't be the same. It isn't every day that you find someone willing to share so much.
Well said, Pat Sherwood, we have no right to judge, critique, or analyze someone else's life. Gary is not asking for commentary or advice, he's just sharing his life in a straightforward manner. Until you've walked a mile in his moccasins...
Gary Roberts, you are the man!! Thank you for doing this project. I laugh so hard I cry nearly every time I watch one of these episodes. This is the most legit reality series I have ever seen and I think most CrossFitters can relate. Thanks for inspiring me. Keep up the good work!
Hats off to Sevan too, this series is a work of art.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Pat Sherwood, i couldnt have said it any better myself sir! Awesome stuff.


wrote …

Great job here Gary. But as a man who has made the same transformation, let me say this...try and understand where your wife is coming from the same way you are asking her to understand where you are coming from. You were, by your own admission, lacking even the self-confidence to let people see you do push-ups. A man who has zero confidence does become less attractive to women. So yeah, the confidence has halped her see how much the total change helped you become the man you always wanted to be. Cool thing became the man she always figured you could be too.

Great job. looking forward to seeing how your Dad does with it. Keep pushing man!


wrote …

when are we going to see more of gary and his dad? Episode 11
looking fw to it.

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