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Killing the Fat Man: Episode 6 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing the Fat Man: Episode 6

By Sevan Matossian

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The scale now reads 225.4 lb.—a drop of about 45 lb. from when Gary Roberts started working out at Oceanside CrossFit.

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “equally fitnessed as a 20-something-year-old-girl”—the physical and mental changes in Roberts are becoming increasingly apparent. Although he moves on to a higher level in the workouts, he’s concerned about being beat by the women.

“I’m a little psychologically kicking myself because I keep comin’ in last in the class,” he says. “I look over and even grandma’s beatin’ me.”

He adds: “I would at least like to be able to dominate all women in my CrossFit gym. Is that a bad thing to say?”

Nonetheless, for the first time in his adult life—minus his years in boot camp as a teenager—he’s physically “taxed and tested” himself to his limit, Roberts says.

“It may never get easier because you’re always pushing yourself to the intensity,” he says. “If you’re having a difficult time, it’s not necessarily something that will ever change because as you scale up, they want you to make yourself uncomfortable.”

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15 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 6”


wrote …

I am so sad after 11:48 of the video. WHATS NEXT =(


wrote …

I don't know if it needs saying, but Sevan you've put together another awesome series. I look forward to each episode! The intro hint's at the transformation that Gary has experienced in his life. Way to go man! Such an inspiration to everyone at any level to put your full heart into the workout.


wrote …

you and gary are a winning combo!

you and every other guy... trying to dominate the women!

love you both to pieces!


wrote …

Gary don't be discouraged, it's coming and then you'll have a new goal. reach it and move on to the next. yup!


wrote …

Gary, I hate to say it, you'll never dominate the women, they'll always find a way to beat us:). Nevertheless, keep it up, you're doing great! Laura, your coaching is wonderful! Seven, you capture the story. Thanks.


wrote …

Really enjoying following Gary's journey. Great storytelling Sevan.


wrote …

Women are weak and if you do not beat them, you are weak. No really....There are women in our box that will blow me away and everyone else no matter how long I Crossfit.


wrote …

I remember that goal - just beat the women! I decided that is a dumb goal, there will always be a woman who kicks your butt. Plus, it's a really random way to measure yourself. Beat the women at which workout? Beat which women? Different ones show up every time. A better goal - set PRs and surpass your performance goals. Then set new goals and surpass those.

Great coaching!


wrote …

Huge inspiration Gary!!!!! I look forward to seeing you progress every week. How motivated you are I think you got a good chance dominating the Open next year:)


wrote …

just from what the video shows, those women need to increase the weight of the deadlift. if they are going unbroken at the speed of light, they need to challenge themselves.
also, if they were to do toes to bar, I only saw Gary hitting the full range of the movement.

at my gym, the lack of Range of movement would have earned those ladies a scaled/modified rating.

if Gary was hitting the range of movement and weight he would have earned an rx'd rating.

Gary, focus on your journal, they gave you one right?
what are your personal goals?
there will always be someone that can do better, and yes, you are better!

keep it up :)


wrote …

Putting his driver's license in the video? Dumb. The Internet now knows where his family lives, his DOB and what his license number is. No SSN, true, but c'mon video guys. Be smarter than that.


wrote …


I was just about to post something about that hahaha. Definitely not the smartest thing i've seen them do in this series.

On a more positive note, this guys is an inspiration. Great job Gary keep it up dude.


wrote …

Keep going Gary!!! Never give in and keep being who you are man!!!


replied to comment from Eric Osborne

What Eric Osborne said.
I had to rewind, twice, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
That video needs to get edited, immediately.

(otherwise, great series, truly)


wrote …

I'm in the same boat a Gary, except Gary has lost his weight in a 1/4 of the time it took me. Way to go brother!


Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Takes a lot of guts to open up your life to the world!

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