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Killing The Fat Man: Episode 8 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Killing The Fat Man: Episode 8

By Sevan Matossian

In HD Videos, The CrossFit Life

May 11, 2012

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Get ready for a svelte Gary Roberts. After two months and 24 days of CrossFit, he’s down about 70 lb. to right around 203 lb.

“I feel like worlds have gone by,” Roberts says. “I just want to get more fit, more healthy, so I don’t know where that final weight would be. It really doesn’t matter. I’m pretty much feeling mentally unstoppable right now.”

In Episode 7 of Killing the Fat Man—called “something happened, the last month”—Roberts is clearly a new man.

“I was offered sex two nights in a row,” he reveals. “I’ve been hit on (by) at least eight different people in the last three days. And there was a man in there.”

In this episode, we find Roberts in Portland, visiting his father. While there, Roberts takes him to CrossFit Stumptown, where the 67-year-old tells owner and head coach Tony Edgerton that he’s had triple-bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement and pacemaker implantation.

“I don’t know. I can’t … describe it, how great I feel. And I’d love for other people to feel the same way,” Roberts explains. “Like, I think if my wife and my daughter—if I can get them on board to kind of go through the same thing, it wouldn’t feel so disconnected.”

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15 Comments on “Killing The Fat Man: Episode 8”


wrote …

The Kool-Aid is sweet, and everyone who drinks it feels like this; it's why the community is so great.
You can't MAKE others drink it though. You just have to hang out enjoying it, letting them wonder how it tastes; until they get thirsty and... BAM!!! They're one of us!


wrote …

Awesome effort Gary. I've been following your progress since the first episode was released. Keep going mate and wishing your Father all the best with his journey.


wrote …

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself ~ Rumi


wrote …

Props to Gary for leading his Dad to join him on the journey to better help. Only problem I have is he was offered sex by a cute woman at a bar and his first instinct is not, "no, i'm married, sorry" This just baffles me on so many levels. Other than that, he is making HUGE strides.


wrote …

Aamzing transformation-many kudos. How long did it take? 12 weeks?


wrote …

Awesome transformation - love watching all of these. Keep up the good work!
@Jon - my guess is you're not married, or his stance of being a man who honors his wife wouldn't be a problem, but an upstanding move that shows a great deal of character.


wrote …

I think what Jon is saying is that is the only thing that should have come out of his mouth. In other words, don't say he is flattered, or I appreciate the offer, etc. Just a simple, No thank you, I'm married. Given the fact that he has been heavy all his life and never got that kind of attention before, his reaction was normal and to be expected. I don't think his wife needs to worry, his life is dedicated to making all of their lives better. Keep up the great work Gary!


Dane Thomas wrote …

Gary has been getting a lot of well-deserved praise, but I've got to give major props to Gary's father for being willing to give it a go and to Tony at Stumptown for demonstrating scalability so effectively!


wrote …

Gary, keep it up man....Never compromise in or out of the box. You got great character, and your right....mentally you change so much in side as well as outside. Keep showing your wife and daughter the true you and everything will come full circle....ROCK ON!! And congrats to your dad for stepping in that box....huge deal for sure!!!


wrote …

Great job to the Coach in Portland. Amazing job at scaling the workout! Nice job dad! Keep it up!!!


Benjamin Weger wrote …

I think this is fantastic! I'm curious about his level of weight loss (mainly because that's what I'm trying to do) Are there any food or workout journals that he kept?


replied to comment from Jon Maas

Yeah, he should have been Immediately disgusted by the thought. Give the guy a break. Some random chick wanted to bang him! Can't we all agree that's a good thing? He did tell the lady he was married, and he didnt do it.


wrote …

I really enjoyed watching this transformation. I hope his dad can improve his health too. It would be a great father son story!


wrote …

I love this series, you have been so inspiring to me. I hope that I feel as good as you in twelve weeks. I'm currently on day 10 of a ramp-up. I wish your dad well and take care of that family of yours.


wrote …

I guess i'm the only one that is stuck on Gary listing all of his father's healh history, then him (father) also working out at that session. Meaning, I sure hope he got a physician clearance! i'm sure Tony knows what he is doing, just want to keep everyone happy and safe!

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