Lost Boy Found

By Rosemary Campbell

In The CrossFit Life

May 17, 2012

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A young man finds passion, purpose and a way out of the dark with CrossFit. Rosemary Campbell reports.

Paris Edward Little walked into CrossFit St Kilda (CFSK) in Melbourne, Australia, nearly two years ago. It was a weekend, and we were doing the CrossFit Total.

Soon, Little became a regular at the 7 a.m. class. He would jog down the driveway into the gym, rosy cheeked, hair tussled, straight out of bed. He would smile and politely greet everyone. His boyish good looks and impeccable manners were a direct hit to our hearts, and we loved him instantly. As the weeks passed, we gathered snippets of information about him: he was 20 years old, he had recently returned to Australia, he worked part time at a call center. He usually diverted conversation away from himself and ended up chatting about the WOD and training, then he’d jog off back down the driveway.

As we learned even more about him, we learned he represents what a community can do for an individual. CrossFit offered him a fresh start, a daily challenge where he could see and monitor his own progress and equally enjoy the success of others.

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7 Comments on “Lost Boy Found”


wrote …

Great story. It makes me happy knowing this is OUR community and how we treat family.


wrote …

That is an amazing story. Bravo!


wrote …

Fun to watch! We've got some good ones, don't we?


wrote …

The number of completed reps is ultimately meaningless outside competition - it is the intention behind them that counts. Paris has never trained to win, he trains to improve and then he passes his gifts on to the people around him. He gives of himself freely, and only a winner at life can be than generous. Inspired by your story Paris!


wrote …

Great story! I travel from Singapore to Melbourne a few times a year and have dropped in for WODs at Crossfit StKilda whilst Im there and always warmly welcomed. Paris is a great coach, very clear instruction and very happy to pass on his advice.


wrote …

Great work Little and great work St. Kilda Crew. And "thank you" Glassman for making people realise that we need to care, not only about ourselves and our health, but to care about others as well.


wrote …


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