Meet CrossFit Nittany’s Joelle and Cydney

By Joelle Hirschfeld and Cydney Korek

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May 21, 2012

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At CrossFit Nittany, everyone knows Joelle Hirschfeld and Cydney Korek.

“They are definitely (a) very … integral part of the community,” says Bryan St. Andrews, owner of the State College, Pa., affiliate.

“We rein them in when necessary,” he adds with a laugh.

The sorority sisters started CrossFit in August and have been making the 30-minute drive to the box ever since.

“We wanted to get involved in real sports; we just weren’t being challenged enough,” Hirschfeld explains.

Both women have “really taken to it,” St. Andrews says.

And CrossFit offers them an outlet that contrasts their college lives, the women say.

“Bryan’s … really big on the whole us being like a family and everyone knowing each other’s names and supporting each other,” Hirschfeld says. “You don’t really need to worry about what you look like and … I feel like it’s so much more real and (we’re) making true friendships.”

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3 Comments on “Meet CrossFit Nittany’s Joelle and Cydney”


wrote …

Please can the corny music...the "Crossfit Reality Show" is not what we pay subscriptions for!


wrote …

CrossFit is for everyone. These college girls are real. Their desire to push themselves to do more and be more, is a true and real human desire. I am pleased so many seekers can find forfilment in this CrossFit community.


wrote …

Way to go girls. Seeing "relationships" like this, -with friends -with family -with the social aspect is motivating. I enjoy watching this because it reminds me of my dedication to excel and to bring others along for the ride.

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